The NetHack season is upon us once again

So, here they go again, the hardcore conquerors of everything (even the kitchen sink) will meet again in a turn based, indirect interaction, world-wide, smash-out.

On Halloween, at midnight Pacific U.S. Time, /dev/null’s Tenth Annual NetHack Tournament opens.  As with past years, the Tournament is open to anyone who’d like to play.

This year is the Tournament’s 10th anniversary; it’s been suggested that this makes it the longest-running gaming tournament on the Internet, and we’ve been unable to find any older ones out there so that may very well be true.

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Cyber burglar in the matrix

Decker logo

Author Shawn Overcash
Language C++
Platform Windows, Linux through Wine; (source available)
Version 1.09

A young talented hacker desires fortune. He has a plan how to earn it but it needs time and is going to take a lot of work. Unknown and underequipped but slowly making himself someone in this world.
EnlargeMoney is earned by completing contracts. A client demands that a number of objectives is met upon leaving the target system. Then you get paid, sell any additional valuable information you gleaned “by the way” and your reputation gets slightly changed. If the contract was challenging you also receive skill points.

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Releases Wire XXII

Yay! It is been a month and it is time for a new exciting releases wire. I have been impatiently waiting for this date to come so I could post!

Quarker 0.03d

There’s no menu for loading games, just type in the name of the character to load.

Privateer ASCII Sector 0.4.4

Your risk of being scanned at a nav point is now based on: your confed and militia standing, how often you’ve been caught smuggling in the past, how controlled the nav point is by confeds and militia, and whether or not you’ve just attacked or destroyed any pirates, retros or Kilrathi at that nav point.

GearHead v0.5.11

High performance engines are designed to provide maximum instantaneous power to the mecha’s body. This improved performance comes at the cost of safety, as engines of this type are prone to going nova if handled roughly. In addition, since most of the energy produced is being directly channeled into the limbs, a mecha with a high performance engine cannot use beam weapons as effectively as others.

Nate’s RL Lib

I know that libtcod offers most of these features, but I think it’s very complicated, and it relies on several other libraries. RLLib doesn’t need any other libraries, and is less bloated.

LambdaRogue 1.2

I just released LambdaRogue 1.2.

Lords of Darkhall 1.2.87

Imbue your ranged attacks with a magical seed, which bursts upon impact. Grasping vines hold the target in place while you continue to destroy it from afar, or deal with closer attackers.

Hokuto No Rogue 0.3.0

Added Goshi Retsu Dan technique. Explodes opponent hands.

Z+Angband 0.2.3

If you aren’t familiar with recent versions of Zangband, they feature a fractal random wilderness with multiple towns and dungeons. Z+Angband further enriches the world by adding farms and inns, independent fragments of civilization outside of towns.