Releases Wire XXIII

SewerJacks 0.8.7

The season over, you have been told in no uncertain terms that you will not be needed next season. Where do you go? What do you do? Football is all you know. You go where all unwanted footballers go, you go to the sewers.

MetaCollider Beta 6

Entelechy changes take place immediately, so you know exactly what items have what effect on your progress in the game

MageGuild 1.0
I am proud to announce the first non-beta release of my roguelike game, MageGuild. It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride, but we’re finally here; big thanks to everyone who helped me test the beta versions.

libtcod 1.4.1b2

Check the full changelog on the library homepage

GearHead2 0.520

The core story has been expanded with two new episodes of the BeanPole campaign plus one bonus episode. A large number of mecha have been added, including many updated GH1 models for the Pro Duelist Association and new battroids for the Red Mask Raiders and MUGL Enterprises. Oh, and there’s also the general production model of the Gladius, in case anyone’s interested.

Rogue83 0.6

After over a month of waiting for it to be approved onto, a most terrible fate befell me. My batteries died!

Unreal World 3.11b

Introducing for example: tile-graphics overhaul including overlapping, trap-system overhaul, improved NPC behaviour/communication/AI

Legerdemain 1.0.0

There’s never been a better time to give it a try.

Hokuto No Rogue 0.3.0

– Added Kazan Kogai Koho technique. Absorbs all damage.
– Added Suieishin technique. The character learns the attack he has been hit with.
– Added Goshi Retsu Dan technique. Explodes opponent hands.


The game is called Twilight and is a multiplayer roguelike.  That’s right, you can start a new character, grab some friends, and go adventuring across a pretty large world killing all kinds of monsters and collecting a wide variety of items.

8 thoughts on “Releases Wire XXIII

  1. I was so excited about the idea of a multiplayer roguelike…

    ……’s got a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go.

    I downloaded putty, telnetted in, registered, logged in, and then died 9 or 10 times from a green capital H who kept charging at me again and again. There needs to be some common sense inserted into the world before I’ll waste my time again.


  2. @Jim

    if you wanna a multiplayer roguelike, you should try “Wyvern” ( ) i know it is graphical, but it has a deep gameplay 🙂 I spend long time there.


    you left out Dungeon Crawl Stone Soupe 0.4.3 from 01.Aug , the last two Release Wire’s 🙂



  3. I logged into Twilight.

    Turns out, that capital H had been dragged there by some unfortunate souls. I made an archer and killed it at level 2; it took only a few arrows to take down. Once the level 20 H was out of the way, the game was a lot of fun. I made it to level 15 rather quickly and died only once.

    I discovered that it is possible for archers to kill town guards and get free XP off of them. It’s fairly fast leveling, though you get no rewards for it.

    Unfortunately the game server went down and I’ve been unable to reconnect. I’d love to play this with a few friends, especially since some of the monsters and areas are really tough alone.

    I can say this: Taking down a high level red dragon with a composite bow is pretty sweet, especially when you’ve only got 105 HP and the dragon has 308.


  4. I’m not having any luck logging into Twilight with PuTTY. I put the address and port listed at RogueBasin in as well as turned off line editing and… I get an error message every time. What gives?


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