Let’s play POWDER video series

Lim-Dul shares some tips and tricks about POWDER in his video series. If you have not played the game yet or would like an introduction visit http://www.youtube.com/user/limdul.

I prepared several videos in advance but only uploaded two so far –
I’ll put one up on Youtube each day till next Thursday when I go on a
trip to the Netherlands – then I’ll see where I go from there.


Direct links:
Let’s play POWDER 01: Imps on Acid
Let’s play POWDER 02: Snail Liches, Traps and Water

2009 7DRL Challenge is coming!

An so it was, that roguelike authors were faced again with the grueling challenge of making a complete roguelike within one hundred and sixty eight hours.

The time for 2009 7DRL Challenge is on!

A Seven Day Roguelike (7DRL) can be written at any time.  However, a general agreement was reached that it would be fun to schedule a specific week for a challenge.  This allows the various authors to know that others are also desperately tracking down a bad pointer reference on the 167th hour.

Now, we must choose a week.


As per tradition, three weeks have been selected.  January is right out, as that is not enough warning.  Same goes for first week of February.  The following two weeks can easily run into Valentines, and I don’t want any angry significant others tracking me down.

Thus, the available weeks are:

1) February 21st to March 1st
2) February 28th to March 8th
3) March 7th to March 15th

Now head to rgrd and vote! and remember… We are working, obviously, on the honour system.

Releases Wire XXV

It’s been a long time (…long time long time…) we shouldn’t have left you left you…


Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.4.4

Finally officially fixing bugs that have long since been put to rest on CAO and CDO. Some important bugs have been fixed, as were a number of less important ones, and there are also a few other small tweaks.

GearHead2 v0.532

GearHead2, the only roguelike game in which you can be a lawyer and a pirate at the same time, has just passed a big milestone.

Mines of Morgoth v0.76

Explore randomly-created dungeons filled with magic items and over 200 different monsters.

Privateer: Ascii Sector v0.4.6

The holidays have given me a bit of extra free time to work on Ascii Sector, so here’s a new version with some bugfixes and new features, v0.4.6

LambdaRogue 1.4

Usually I do not tend to exaggerate, but this time I’m very proud to announce the most important update of LambdaRogue since the 0.3 beta.

The Doryen arena 0.8

Face dozens of different creatures, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, choose your weapons and skills and pray to survive up to the next tournament level…


Goblin Hack is the world’s first and probably last smooth-scrolling, ASCII-graphics-based, OpenGL accelerated, rogue-like dungeon game.

MageGuild 1.2

Has a number of bug fixes, including a couple crashes and some Mono compatibility issues.

SewerJacks 0.8.7d

This release is getting it closer to a more polished game.  Many thanks to all for the great feedback.

Martin’s Dungeon Bash v1.7

This is strictly a bug-fix release relative to version 1.6.

Hokuto No Rogue 0.4.0

Enjoy 😉


Get Out!

I have been wanting to use YAFRLP as a post title for months.


This has one major difference to most roguelikes in that it runs in realtime.  The game is substantially different to most other roguelikes because of this.

Teemu 1.0

It’s my first roguelike.

Void Mision Zero

I’m pleased to announce Void Mission Zero, a sci-fi graphical roguelike written in Common Lisp. It is in early alpha but roughly playable.

Downfall 0.1

I have released version 0.1 of Downfall, my hexagonal roguelike. It runs on Windows and Linux, and it also works with Wine.

Letrain 4.0

Now with a language, to describe your maps and rails, and respond to events with sensors and semaphores.


Probably the easiest way to describe Spelunky is that its (kind of) like La Mulana meets Nethack – every time you play the levels, items, monsters, and so forth, are all procedurally-generated.  And the terrain is destructible and there are quite a few ways in which the various game elements can interact with one another.


Deep Deadly Dungeons 1.0

Deep Deadly Dungeons was a roguelike made for the fbtk.net Rogue Compo by Rick Clark (aka rdc).

Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year 2008 Winners!

The gigantic poll for teh best roguelike of 2008 has finished at Ascii dreams, and the undoubted winner is…. Dungeon Crawl, Stone Soup!

This comes to no surprise as this “variant” has given Crawl, which was already one of the most popular roguelike, a new breath of life. Congratulations to all the development team!

Following are the 10 first games:

1. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup: 126 votes

2. Dwarf Fortress: 116 votes

3. Incursion: Halls of the Goblin King: 45 votes

3. DoomRL: 45 votes

5. POWDER: 30 votes

6. Legerdemain: 28 votes

7. GearHead-2: 18 votes

7. Elona: 18 votes

9. Unangband: 16 votes

10. T.o.M.E: 15 votes

Congratulations to all developers!