2009 7DRL Challengers

For a groundbreaking number, 41 roguedevs have accepted the challenge! We’re all gonna have a lot of cool games to play next week  🙂

  • Fruits of the Forest by Ido Yehieli
  • TetrisRL by Sir_Lewk
  • GrimRL by Nik Coughlin
  • Pink Ninja by Deveah
  • AbstractRL by jimmy aberg
  • Stones of Chaos: the True God by idontexist
  • Fl@shpoint by edwardoka
  • The Favored by guesst
  • Nyctos by Mary Haas and James Madison
  • When Zombies Attack!  by David A
  • Murder in Moscow by Mike Judge
  • Underbooks by Christopher Brandt
  • Decimation by Ed
  • The Lion King by Darren Grey
  • Whispers in the Void by destroysound
  • Unnamed attempt by Sherm Pendley
  • Environmental Energies by Gamer_2k4
  • Hydrosphere by HexDecimal
  • Expedition by Slash
  • Fist of the Rogue Warrior by s.chiu
  • Unnamed attempt by Nils
  • Robot Rebellion by Emile
  • MultiRL by Nathan Stoddard
  • Unnamed attempt by chr.m.charles
  • Epic! Monster Quest: Hyper by buub0nik
  • Planets of Elderlore by Altefact
  • A Roguelike by h.j.l.jones
  • Jacob’s Matrix by Jeff Lait
  • Escape from Lab 42 by rdc
  • Nidhoggr by Michal Bielinski
  • Quarterlight by Phil O’Neill
  • Fortress of the Goblin King by Florian Diebold
  • DDRogue by flend
  • Persist by jab
  • dL1 by Legend of Angband
  • Catacombs of the Soulthief by Derrick Creamer
  • DungeonMinder by Adam Gatt
  • Tales of Ezcyria by Stein
  • SpiritsRL by Xecutor
  • DukeRL by corremn
  • chickhack by purpleflayer

Find full info and links at this roguetemple thread

8 thoughts on “2009 7DRL Challengers

  1. I can’t wait 😀

    If only I knew a little more about programming I would love to enter myself.

    Good luck everyone, I cant wait for new roguelikes ! 🙂


  2. Fantastic. If I assume a stance of optimism, this’ll be about 41+ bookmarks I’m gonna have to add for new websites once these are done and loaded perhaps—delicious!


  3. getter77: judging from the past challenges, only about half will make it:

    2005: 9 winners out of 17
    2006: 13 winners out of 21
    October 2006: 6 winners out of 6
    2007: 9 winners out of 22
    2008:10 winners out of 24

    All and all- 47 winners out of 90 (52.2%)


  4. Well 21 new roguelikes is nothing to feel unhappy about.
    I’m really so incredibly impressed by this year’s turn-out. It’s also great that includes such a brilliant mix of people who’ve never released games, people who are trying unique and inspirational new ideas, and of course some bog-standard zombie-killers and dungeon-crawlers (’cause they’re always fun). The sheer variety on offer will be a great experience to play through.


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