Releases Wire XXVII


Mines of Morgoth 0.90

Final release coming soon.

Triangle Wizard 5.05

It took some time, but here it is! This update features six new spells, over 90 new creatures (some of which may deal supernatural damage), many new traps and even a few new unique monsters.

Privateer ASCII Sector

When you save an ejected pilot and take him/her to a base, you’ll now also receive a random amount of credits (beyond having your standing with the pilot’s faction increased).

Invader Tactics

You are a human infiltrating an enemy installation populated by psychotic robots.

Blast Tactics

Blast Tactics is a mini space-roguelike puzzler incorporating elements of the classic Asteroids,


Wayfarer 4.12.09

Ironically, despite my long-term goal of less violent options (diplomacy, non-fatal combat, etc.), the game is currently so bloody and twisted it makes me cringe.  In delight.  I’m only human.

Downfall 0.3

Downfall has many features common in Roguelike games, and also has some unusual features.

Expedition 0.1.6

Probably the easiest way to describe Expedition is that it’s (kind of) like Colonization meets Seven Cities of Gold meets ADoM.

Pyromancer 0.1.2

The gameplay didn’t move a iota. It’s a polish-only release.

RealtimeRL 0.3

My roguelike has been completely rewritten from scratch.

Zot Defense 0.1

You begin on Zot:5; monsters are generated in waves, swarming in from the upstairs. You must prevent the monsters from reaching the Orb of Zot, which you may not pick up or apport.

Angband/65 0.0.1

There are two reasons I’m doing this. For the programming practice and to make it open source

Kharne 0.01e

An interim release

Peleron’s Brilliant Rebirth 0.105

It’s been around 2 years since I last released anything related to Peleron. I have not buried PBR (Peleron’s Brilliant Rebirth) — it’s just been real life taking its toll.

SpiritsRL 0.4.21

Now instead of stupid generated levels one of templates is used. Levels are smaller, everyone is faster, everything should be much more fun.

Nyctos 1.0.1

The game revolves heavily around tactical situations related to light.

Prospector 0.1.3

Megacorporations employ freelance prospectors to find exploitable resources and map unknown planets for them. The player commands one of those scoutships, trying to become filthy rich as a prospector.

MetaCollider Beta 7

This is the last release for a while, if not forever.


ASCII-Paint 0.3

This version has many new features and improvements, including some related to RL development.

ASCII-Draw 8

Try out room, corridor and outdoor designs without having to code them.

Serf Engine 0.5

The engine was created based on the source code of some years-tested roguelikes, including CastlevaniaRL, DrashRL and ZeldaRL, and thus is relatively stable on the moment of its conception.


RLX is a Common Lisp graphical roguelike engine

libtcod 1.4.1

Well it’s rather a non-news…

Umbra Engine 0.1

It’s meant to be a base for building new roguelike engines, not a game

5 thoughts on “Releases Wire XXVII

  1. A lot of interesting stuff in here. Particularly, Prospector has me real excited at it’s possibilities when it’s more complete!


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