Releases Wire XXVIII


Privateer: AscII Sector v0.5.2

Added Brilliance and Ultimate drugs to manipulate time usage when in Combat Mode (can currently only be acquired by stunning or killing a character that is carrying Brilliance or Ultimate).

Wayfarer v5.23.09

Meandering goats and drunks will still occasionally hit your town portals, but much less often. Removed misleading “sell this item” text for items not wanted by certain shops. Added option screen to reduce keymap clutter. Includes some new options: sound and gore.

Triangle Wizard v5.06

Starting from spell level 21, Summon Demonic Servant now has a chance to summon a greater demon. Beware though as the demon’s disposition is not guaranteed.

Peleron’s Briliant Rebirth v0.106

This is a “skills” release that implements most missing skills (whereas the previous version implemented most of the missing spells).

MageGuild v1.4.1

Have a great idea for a monster or an item that you think the game is missing? Create it as a mod, add it in. Want to see how other players fare against your most devious mazes? Build a scenario for them to test themselves against.

Mines of Morgoth v1.0

This is meant to be the stable version and marks the availability of the full version available for digital retail for the first time.

GumBand v2.3.1

If you haven’t tried 2.3.0, this version should be a better presentation of the changes that were there (new and revised races, a good number of monster and item changes, overhaul of mutations and increased number of mutations possible, etc.)

Elona v1.16final

Download Elona 1.16final (about 27MB) Platform: windows xp,vista

RogueTouch v1.5

Rogue Touch is based on several variants of the orginal Rogue, but written from the ground up to take advantage of the touch screen and graphics capabilities of the iPhone.

DungeonMinder v0.8

I am supremely honoured at the amount of downloads and feedback that was given for my 7DRL release, and I have strove to implement as many suggestions as possible with this release.

SaneRoguelike (.Net distributable)

Three races, everyone gets a rapier, a torch and mail. However, there is no inventory management. Going down and up stairs is fully implimented. Watch out for the arrow traps.

When Zombies Attack v0.2

When Zombies Attack! is a survival-horror roguelike game. The goal is to get to the top of the building and get rescued by the waiting helicopter. You can choose taller buildings for harder games.

Prospector v0.1.5f

(I)nspect command repairs ships and gathers biodata from corpses and plants.

Tomb of the Aztecs v1.0

Recent tectonic activity in central America has unearthed Very Old Things under New Mexico, the site of the ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan.

As a jetsetting plunderer of historic artefacts, you were taking some ill-deserved R’n’R down in New Mexico at the time, and just so happened to be sipping tequila outside a seedy terrace cafe when the ground around you fractured and the air was torn with the sickening noise of yielding rock and earth.

As plumes of dust began to billow up from the fissure, you had the presence of mind to whip out your trusty iPhone. A quick trip to Wikipedia confirmed your suspicions – you were surely standing above the tomb of legendary warrior Popocatepetl.

Dimension Dungeon v0.51

In Dimension Dungeon you play a warrior trapped in a dungeon-like pocket dimension and have to fight your way down to the bottom of the dungeon and confront the creator of this pocket dimension.

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