IRDC 2009 is coming!

The Second International Roguelike Development Conference is coming! While some votes are being cast over r.g.r.d. for the location of the main event (discussion has barely started), it has been proposed that many micro-events be held on different cities all around the world roughly at the same time!

If you would be interested in participating or helping host such a meeting, please fill the Clustered Model survey, so we can find out how many neraby roguelike lovers could meet!

What is this conference? if you are a roguelike developer or player seeking to have a nice time with fellow roguelikers, and probably watch one or two roguelike development related conferences, this is your oportunity!

3 thoughts on “IRDC 2009 is coming!

  1. I think having 2 locations (in the US & in Europe) is a good idea, as we can use mutual video links to see each other.

    Having ‘many’ events sound a bit more complicated though…


  2. Personally, I would hold it in a different continent each year with those unable to make it telecommuting during conference hours. Then it is one big proper event, not many small events, and everyone gets a turn and you don’t have to go too frequently (so you would be excited to go when your continent gets a turn or happen to be on holidays at that time – possibly North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia).


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