Releases Wire XXXI

One month and a half since the last release wire, this XXXI post is hot with lots of newcomers!


Spelunky 1.0

Mantrap’s appetite increased. Piranha’s appetite increased. Dice now reveal whether they’ve been thrown or not. Opening a chest or crate won’t cause the player to attack. Mummies shouldn’t bleed.


Dweller 0.13.3

Use the Movement commands to move. If you have a touch screen enabled handset just tap on the screen in the direction you wish to move.

Legerdemain  v1.0.2

A so-called “heartbeat” release, offered as evidence that the developer still has one.

Privateer: Ascii Sector v0.6.0.3

Wingmen are no longer spawned on pirate bases. Redid the NanoBots to make them more balanced.

DaJAngband v1.0.99

I have tested this version more than the past few versions, so it should have considerably less bugs.

Triangle Wizard R 7.01

This version includes quests (randomly generated), healthbars, buffs for the sorcerer and assassin classes and a few other things.

Wayfarer 8.28.09

Inventory mode should be clearer, and contextual help is improved slightly. Updated alternate version. The download for Windows should now work.

Kharne 0.05

Kharne Alpha v0.05 is now available, and has been released as open source under the MPL v1.1

MetaCollider Beta 8

I just beat the game for the first time, without savescumming, so I know it’s possible. It’s difficult but doable.


3069 – v3D.2

The year is 3069. Earth has since been destroyed by a catastrophic geothermal experiment. Fortunately, you and many others were safely relocated onto planet Esperanza before the blast.

Moth Master 7DRL

I like to make games / programs to give as gifts to my friends online.  Christmas 2008, I decided to make a roguelike similar to the Baldo’s Gate javascript roguelike

Rogue Project 2 v0.0.10

The demo allows you to sail around the world and visit a few non-descript locations, trade blows with some monsters (whom I have attempted to give at least rudmentary intelligence, if you watch closely), experience the weather, and zoom in on any location for a better look (simply press > to zoom into the local view, any where you are).

Iso-Angband 0.2.6

I know the idea of such a graphical view is unpopular among many roguelike fans. Over the years, though, I got emails repeatedly, from people who were interested in this sort of graphical frontend. So maybe this message will reach a few of them.

DreamHack 0.2

In Dreamhack, the player fights strange and symbolic monsters with unusual every day items, just like in a dream

NLarn 0.4.1

I am working on a remake of Larn. I baptized it NLarn.

Websites / Blogs

Numeron Reactor

I should warn non-programming savvy readers that most of the posts here may be highly technical in nature and not for the faint of heart.

Not Quite ADOM

Started a blog today called Not Quite ADoM, aimed at the discussion of news/development and other things that have to do with the Roguelike world, mainly those RLs that aren’t so well known.

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