DoomRL rises again

After 1 year of silence, Mr. Kisielewicz releases a new version of his hit game, Doom: The Roguelike

The game, hailed by many as a milestone in coffeebreak roguelikement, and an entry point for hundreds of people into the world of roguelikes, has been stuffed with lotsa’ cool stuff (Ultimate traits, additional fire modes, and much more) and gets closer to a graphical tiles release (it is not that important but still…)

Check it out at!

5 thoughts on “DoomRL rises again

  1. How utterly delightful this shall be with continued development coupled with graphical tiles down the line. So glad to see another release chock full of progress.


  2. Not everyone will like the changes. Some weapons have been downgraded. New sistem of upgrade for equipment. Somehow easyer to rank up. Enemies with better aim and other changes. Overall: I LIKE IT :>


  3. Gotta say I like it, but maybe only because on my first game in the new version I won with dual pistol build ^_^

    On easy, but still :/

    It definitely seems easier, but only very slightly, I think.


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