2010 7DRL Challenge Results

Challengers: 87
Success: 49
Failure: 18
Runaway: 20

A Most Peculiar Adventure Ido, Charl & Whit. Success
A Quest Too Far Geoffrey White Success
AarrrRL! Todd Page Success
Arima: Desdemona’s Fall Timothy M Success
ASCII Dash Sock Puppet Success
Bane of the Living Derrick Creamer Success
ChaosRL Qwertyuiopas Success
City of the Condemned aave Success
Demonhunt Fobbah Success
Destiny Rogues Timofei Shatrov Success
Domination Empires Numeron Success
Dungeon Sweeper Konstantin Stupnik Success
Earl Spork deej Success
Floating Eye: The Game purplearcanist Success
GartenRL Required field cannot be left blank Success
Glacier magellan Success
GUNFIST! jorbrads Success
Harmless 7DRL kaw Success
Holohax increpare Success
Jellies in a Jam win Success
Laser Spigot Andy Success
Last Candle Oohara Yuuma Success
Madness hmp Success
Math: The Roguelike kkairos Success
MazeBand Legend of Angband Success
Muert: Racial Prison Riot (Rape) Mayhem pol Success
Packman Nate Success
PrincessRL flend Success
Quest For 7 Andy M Success
RavenousRL steev Success
Robobot Barry Success
RogueBand Hero flyingofx Success
RULER Slash Success
RunRight trystan.s@comcast.net Success
Shopdoom pammpi Success
Smart Kobolds Jeff Lait Success
Smash Arena Ed Kolis Success
Spell and Spear Austin Wilburn Success
TetrisRL 2 – Electric Boogaloo Sir_Lewk Success
The Dungeons of Craci Vlad Dumitru Success
The Legend of Kalamakkara Miikka Kilkkilä Success
The Spy Who Rogued Me Allan Success
Toby the Trapper Darren Grey Success
Troll Slayer Corremn Success
Underhall elig Success
Vapourtek Theatre sinoth Success
World of Roguecraft Tipa Success
World Wrestling Roguelike (WWRL) Michael Curran Success
XIOTANK! dto1138 Success
7SRL. Ben Runaway
A Lively Fisting Jaldhar Runaway
Backward children Thomas Berglund Runaway
Constellation Asceai Runaway
Defender of ASCII Holyaxe Runaway
Dungeonslayers RL Kyle Runaway
GenEric Zombie Roguelike idontexist Runaway
Lunar Shards 10Print Runaway
Panicc Grandi Runaway
Project “Hitting Things with Sticks” Movius C. Longhair Runaway
Rogues in the Ascii World of Open Street Map Altefcat Runaway
Ron Paul Revolution James Meickle Runaway
Simulacrum Paranoid Death Fantasy Runaway
The Ultimate Ending of the Dead Pekka Runaway
The Unnamed Entry Delicious Robots Runaway
This zarat Runaway
Undisclosed Phil Cooper Runaway
Undisclosed Nassi_setä Runaway
Undisclosed Thijs van Ommen Runaway
Undisclosed Ilmuri Runaway
¤ Nik Coughlin Failure
Bidden George Oliver Failure
CamelRL Sherm Pendley Failure
Chompy! edenicholas Failure
ChuRL jonypawks Failure
Einherjar Fenrir Failure
FozzleQuest Mo Collector Failure
Fury David A Failure
Miscreation jab Failure
Pit of Hate Walter Landry Failure
Project Purgatorio Chris Wentzel Failure
SpelunkeRL Arwus Decker Failure
Terraforma Ryan Szrama Failure
The Rogue’s Quest failrate Failure
Tower of the Demon Matt_S Failure
Unnamed MUD Roguelike Richard Tew Failure
Whitebox Tsojcanth Failure
Windfall Serenade: Alpine Quest Dragooner Devon Failure

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