Interview with Slashie!


So, I’d been meaning to interview our faithful leader and the founder of the Rogue Temple and Roguebasin; Slashie (Santiago Zapata). Well, I finally got around to it. I’d like to greatly thank Slashie for taking the time out of his busy workday to answer my absurdly long interview, and of course for all the hard work he’s consistently put into the Rogue Temple and Roguebasin year after year. I’ve been debating editing this together in various ways, but I think a simple presentation might be best. So, without further adieu, an interview with Slashie:   — EligZero, for Temple of The Roguelike

Check out the interview!

One thought on “Interview with Slashie!

  1. All hail Slash!

    I laughed about the powerful 486 – first serious computer 🙂

    Garriot as inspiration: he kinda went a bit kooky didn’t he, same with a few other indenpendent developers of famous genre breaking games… I wonder what that says.

    Slash and time management – hmm, yes, very good documentation and planning, too many projects at once 🙂 But seriously, what a legend producing all that for the benefit of all.

    RogueTemple really seems like the sort of thing a few hard core RL fans, who don’t code, could contribute and keep ticking along nicely. The usual thing is for the Editor (Slash) to rustle up some dedicated staff who then really run the content.

    Good interview, glad to see Slash included in the hall of fame – deservedly so.

    Did we interview Kornel yet, surely something after his big win, or maybe he won’t answer our calls anymore!!!!??? 🙂



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