Interview with Thomas Biskup, part 2

Thomas Biskup, developer of ADoM and JADE, has been away from the roguelike development scene for a while. He asked out sources of information to get up to date, and we recommend ASCII Dreams, Column @ Play and roguetemple as some popular blogs; there is also the Roguebasin Wiki with heaps of information. Let’s continue with the interview…

7 thoughts on “Interview with Thomas Biskup, part 2

  1. Another excellent one. First I’ve ever heard of JDND as well. It probably would be nigh impossible to do a straight conversion of ADOM to Java, but I would suppose straight conversions are not the only way to go about it—at least reasonably lacking (documented) source code.


  2. am I the only one that thought he came off as kind of…..Greedy?

    the constant replys of what do I gain….idk jjust seems like he’s only interested in doing things if big moneys are involved. that just kinda rubbed me the wrong way. it’s not always about money. sometimes it’s just about having a good time and enjoying oneself.


  3. I don’t think so. It’s just that as one gets older, one’s amount of free time tends to dry up. If you can’t do everything you want to do (and I know of few creative people who can), it’s only natural to start prioritizing your projects based on how rewarding they are (monetarily or otherwise).


  4. Agree with Aaron… guy came off as particularly fixated on the value of his time and how much he has to gain from doing anything. Almost every single answer in there contains some variant of “Well, I would do it but my time is worth so much more than that now.”

    I mean it’s one thing to become worried about the value of your time as you get older – it’s quite another to bring it up in conversation every two sentences.


  5. Come to think of it, speaking of money, has there ever been any concerted effort at “ransom” so as to “free” the source to ADOM from captivity? Perhaps as some sort of a pledge drive harkening to how things work monthly over on Bay12 but with more of a fixed goal/time limit. I couldn’t imagine why Biskup would turn it such a thing down on principle—-if it works he gains extra money to stave off starving to death, homelessness, and so on while the collective player base would get ahold of the code to fix up and propagate for the years to come.


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