Releases Wire XXXIV

Here goes a long list of roguelikes worth watching, enjoy!


Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.6

The Crawl devteam announces the release of Heizölrückstoßabdämpfung


The new version has several minor modifications, a lot of polish, and a couple major features, including teasers for features yet to come!


GearHead2 v0.624

This release adds some more content, fixes a bunch of bugs, and introduces a fun toy.

CastlevaniaRL 0.73

Lots of changes on this new version, powered by the results of the February Powerpoll!!

LambdaRogue 1.5

The only book that matters these days. The Book that will set mankind free. The Book of Stars.

Privateer ASCII Sector

NPCs now belong to a faction, so killing a merchant on board his ship will decrease your standing with that faction, just like destroying his ship will.

Dance of The Death 0.3.60

This has been the largest iteration to date, and also the most feature-packed one, with a good number of engine, interface, and content updates.

SporkHack 0.6.3

I’m not sure when the version will be changed over, but I suspect “soon, once we verify there are no explosive bugs in this one”.

The slimmy lichmummy 0.15

Celebrations were held.

Dweller 0.15.0

Most prominent are the progression/kill tracker that lists slain monsters and J2SE dekstop computer support.

Triangle Wizard 8.05

Also Bless has been made somewhat less powerful in the hope the late game will now be more challenging!

Trascendence 1.01

If player has disposable launcher, Raisu should give launcher (instead of missiles).

Lost Labyrinth

So please help us with testing out all the spells if they still work as expected

Sewerjacks 0.8.8

Trolls now throw chainsaw wielding loonies at you from afar!


Squirm A.0.3

Squirm is being developed in concordance with the SAD (Slow Application Development) methodology, by The Aging Minotaur.

Webraid 1.3

Web Raid turns Web Pages into dungeon levels.

NetzHack 0.2.1

We call it NetzHack (note the ‘z’): the German translation of the classic computer game NetHack.

Rayel 0.1.7

Rayel is a single player roguelike game with static world.


Each turn, you and the computer-controlled opponent simultaneously choose an action to perform, without knowing each other’s choice

Underhall 1.2

This version is mostly a bug fix version, but it contains a lot of new features too!

featurecreeper 0.1

Primary gameplay driver is insanity, not hunger

The Hack of Life 1.0.1

I’ve finished my second RogueLike ever, and I’m very proud of it. I had fun, I learned stuff, and I now have a game under my belt that I can be proud of.

Menace of The Mines 0.1

has tons of monsters, many different classes and races and a unique magic system


Charlib 0.3

CharLib is a lightweight library I’ve created for displaying ASCII tiles nicely in a windowed environment, using SDL.

libtcod 1.5.0

This release is stuffed with hot new features

2 thoughts on “Releases Wire XXXIV

  1. My favorite part of the new gearhead was having my entire lance blown up on the first round of a fight by someone with a nuke launcher. Guh?


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