ARRP 2010: Albion

Albion, from Triangular Pixels,  is a good looking blend of roguelike, cRPG and Tactics-like (for example: FF Tactics or Tactics Ogre) elements. It’s developed on Java and playable via JWS.

It had its first public release on the ARRP and looks pretty solid. They seem to be building on the basics and will evolve with character development and friendly towns from there. Theme is light and classic, yet it can be fun to play even in its current status.

Character Creation
Character Creation
The Party
The Party
Adventuring, more :)
Adventuring, more 🙂

2 thoughts on “ARRP 2010: Albion

  1. Well, it’s a nice start, but not having a way to quickly move around when there are no more visible enemies makes exploring far more tedious than it ought to be, and (for the first level at least) the enemies didn’t feel particularly susceptible to arrows or magic, making me feel that a warrior/ranger/mage party was less useful than a warriorx2/mage party would have been (I could have had two attackers and one healbot instead of one attacker, one healbot, and one dude who was useless thanks to being incapable of using swords). Staves not being available to warriors/rangers makes sense since they get no mana anyway, but either there need to be more arrows available or the ranger needs to be able to use a sword as well. Also it seemed like the equipment -/+ didn’t have much of an effect; I didn’t see a lot of change in damage from a basic sword -2 to a basic sword +1, which is rather annoying. I hope it gets worked on more, since it has potential, but I’m gonna give it a while before I bother trying to play it again.


  2. the name Albion reminds me of the very good crpg game from 1996. well i thought this was a remake. turns out it was not. the old dos game is futuristic, this one from the looks of the screen is fantasy.


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