ARRP 2010: Cracks and Crevices

Title screen of C'n'CC'n'C fight

Version 0.5 has two quests available. Completing the second results in victory. You have very limited turns before your first quest “Adulthood” begins automatically. Villagers kick you into the crevice and expect to stay there two days. Look to the right side of status bar for date and time.

Strong point of Cracks and Crevices is unified ‘u’se key which greatly reduces time needed to get into the game. While interface is well done (not counting a few bugs) playing experience is not as smooth. C’n’C is actually real-time. If you do not make a move during a specified interval character is assumed to be resting. Depressing effect it has on tactical play is very visible. Even on easy setting (up to 3 seconds per turn) one tends not to think when fighting because waiting too long will give opponent a free turn.

Combat is much less dynamic than expected. Most attacks end in misses and armor system is plain deflection. With two points of armor you can windshield kobolds. With four you do the same to orcs and so on. Accomplishing second quest consists of getting enough armor to be invulnerable and patiently bashing away until you opponent dies.

Definitely C’n’C is in a state where only hardcore roguelikers or those who wish to help author develop the game would want to play it. If you do press ‘3’ to heal at the temple for free. Hopefully next version will be easier to get into.

C'n'C slaughterhouseC'n'C end game boss

2 thoughts on “ARRP 2010: Cracks and Crevices

  1. The best way to defeat Tsurugi The Streetfighter is to wield two weapons. Did you use any magic spells. potions? Do you think 3 seconds too short for ‘easy’ mode? Setting easy/medium/hard is somewhat difficult for me to judge. right now its 3/1.5/.5.. maybe it should be 6/4/2 or something… Attacks end in misses when your stat+skill+1d20 rolls less than your opponents stat+skill+1d20 (av vs dv), if your attack value is greater than the defensive value, it rolls for damage. so in meelee its combat + fighting vs defense + fighting. This is using a proper RPG rule system (Instant Fuzion in this case), so its not so much ‘plain deflection’ and windshielding. (you actually need I think 4 armour for kobolds and orcs 6.. but then, there are 3 kinds of kobold and 3 kinds of orc you will run into at the start).

    I dont get much time to work on CnC, so it is ‘young’ in its age.


  2. My damage was 2-11. No potions used at all. Also, I have absolutely no idea how to learn spells. All that mana was just wasted. Three seconds for easy is quite right. The @ auto-rested only when I was taking screenshots. My suggestion would be 3/2/1 for delays if you want to keep them.


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