ASCIIDreams Roguelike of the Year 2010 – Results

The results are in! going against all laws, conventions and best-practices of roguelike development, DarkGod rose and took the grand-prize for himself and the community around ToME-4. Congratulations!

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Dwarf Fortress and DoomRL continue holding strong into the hearts of the roguelikers.

Thanks to Mr. Doull @ ASCIIDreams for keeping the tradition.

There were 167 entries and 1675 votes. This is the top ten for 2010, congratulations all!

Check this article for the full ranking

Rank Roguelike Votes %
1 ToME 4.0.0 384 22,9%
2 Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 294 17,6%
3 Dwarf Fortress 171 10,2%
4 DoomRL 95 5,7%
5 Rogue Survivor 69 4,1%
6 Angband 44 2,6%
7 Goblin Camp 34 2,0%
7 UnNetHack 34 2,0%
9 Brogue 32 1,9%
10 POWDER 31 1,9%

9 thoughts on “ASCIIDreams Roguelike of the Year 2010 – Results

  1. Wow, ToME 4 is a runaway success. I’ve yet to give it a serious try, but I really dig the web based reporting of player histories / activity.

    Also… very glad to see Brogue sneak into the top 10. Must’ve been wearing a +2 Ring of Stealth. : )


  2. I’m a little surprised 100 Rogues didn’t rank higher, and I would have really been interested to see Desktop Dungeons in the running, but it didn’t meet the qualification criteria…


  3. IMO a tiled version doesn’t get you as much customers as a good ASCII version (look at brogue). Especially for DoomRL as there is already a beautiful graphical version of Doom out there. 🙂


    1. sadly but true, a graphics version will bring much more attention to DoomRL and make it even more of a classic.

      A shame Kornel and Derek are too damn lazy to put it up.


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