International Roguelike Database Updated!

The International Roguelike Database, developed  by fellow elite roguetemplar “Z“, has been updated and now allows you to rate and comment on the roguelikes, as well as create your “rogue” profile, by describing your level of expertise on each game.

IRLDB fetches its data daily from roguebasin, and allows you to search information about the games in a more practical way. There are currently 290 roguelikes on the list.

If you are a developer, you’ll be able to see who are your players, how cool they think they are and their comments on your game. Isn’t this great?

Please note that in order to use the community features of the IRLDB, you just have to login into the forums (no need to create another account)

Go now, rate, comment and build your rogue profile!

3 thoughts on “International Roguelike Database Updated!

  1. Great work guys! This certainly has the potential to increase gamers and developers alike to flock to RL’s. This needs to have links everywhere, Roguebasin, Roguetemple, Developer homepages… I see the IRD as a great jumping point for strengthening the RL enthusiast community as a whole. How often have I inquired about how good a RL was before downloading, or wanted a way to comment on how awesome a RL was that I had just played without wanting to create a forum thread dictating so. Thanks!


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