The 2011 7DRL Challenge Evaluation Results

The Honorable Evaluation Committee, courtesy of Ataraxia Theatre

The Honorable Evaluation Committee, courtesy of Ataraxia Theatre

With forty-six completed 7DRLs this year,
some people wonder how they will have time to play them all!
Fortunately, that is simple…

Just play about about 1.1304347826 a week for the next year.

For those less dedicated, a team of evaluators was assembled to give all the roguelikes a once-over. We graded the roguelikes under six categories using a simple three point scale. We ensured every roguelike was graded by at least two reviewers, and aimed for most to have three reviewers.

After a long week of playing, we present our results!

Check them out here, at Roguetemple’s 7DRL Shrine!

The Honorable Members of the Committee

  • @ Jeff Lait, Serf in Zincland
  • @ Jice, Marquis of Doryen
  • @ Ido Yehieli, Lord of Tametick
  • @ Michael Curran, Knight Burzmali
  • @ Michal Bielinski, Warrior of Ancient
  • @ Darren Grey, Scholar of the roguelike world
  • @ Slash, Priest of the Temple of Roguelike

This list is not meant to be an authoritative ranking of the games. If you dive in, you will see different reviewers often disagreed on the rankings.

Instead, it is a way for you to help select which 7DRLs are likely to have things of interest to you.

Specific comments were also written by reviewers. Note that these are criticism for the developer to better improve the game – please do not be unduly offended if they are nitpicky or consist of “I got killed by a ferret on the first screen”.

The categories are, with description of what a 3 means:

  • Completeness: Bug free, polished game with no features that feel like they are missing.
  • Aesthetics: Good looking, excellent controls and UI.
  • Fun: If you try any 7DRLs, try this one.
  • Innovation: Brings something fundamentally new to roguelikes.
  • Scope: Beyond what you think could have been done in seven days.
  • Roguelike: 3 means Roguelike, 2 means Roguelike-like, 1 means Not Roguelike. Each reviewer used their own personal definition here.

Thanks to all the members of the committee for their great efforts, we hope you enjoy it! Thanks to kaw too, for providing the tools to generate the results page.

10 thoughts on “The 2011 7DRL Challenge Evaluation Results

  1. I found the review of my Cardlike game to be pretty spot on. I tried to make the rules as clear as possible but I think people missed the fact that weapons are not additive. Like you get 2 dice for one weapon and 3 for another you don’t get 5 dice. You get 3. You can only use one weapon at a time. Gotta fix the rules I guess, make them more clear. There is more confusion about ranged rounds and melee rounds and what not. To be honest I’m kind of confused myself about that. 🙂


  2. “Just play about about 1.1304347826 a week for the next year.” Umm not sure about the calculation 🙂 46/52 i think.


  3. You forgot the Game History. When the strength of a game definitely not is the gameplay or graphics or sound, just as the argument is a good story. More time on stories. I’ve played games conversational are more fun than these games.


  4. @Corremn You’re right. With the correct numbers we’d have to switch to a new RL every 7.91 days. Note that this assumes that there are 52 exact weeks in the year, which there isn’t, among various other things like leap year etc. If you account for being done before ARRP which is halfway between 7DRLs, You’d cut that by half. Then you’d have to cut the time already spent since 7DRL to the time of this post… all menial thoughts programmers or mathematicians like ourselves can get caught up in.


  5. How have been the reviewers chosen? I have not seen any call for reviews on RogueTemple. (I would not have time for reviewing this year, but maybe next time…)


  6. Wow! what a pretty bunch of stuff to try out!
    and… uh… another year waitin’ for STALKER RL… I don’t lose the hopings about someone will make it for real!

    Keep on the good work guys!


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