2012 7DRL Challenge Aftermath

A compiled list of all entries is now available.

We had exactly one hundred challengers of which sixty two succeeded in time. This sounds good when compared with previous year when only about half entrants returned with something to show. You may have read elsewhere that number of successes was sixty three. This is incorrect. One challenger made an 8DRL which is not bad in itself but does not count as success within the rules.

Another observation is challengers omitted posting to rec.games.roguelike.development USENET newsgroup in several cases. The rules state clearly to be counted you have to post to aforementioned newsgroup when you start programming. Next, if you do not manage to complete the challenge successfully you are expected to post about the failure to the very same newsgroup. Thirty eight challengers failed to return with finished games in the time. Seventeen entrants did not post at all. Another four posted but in other places. That was not as bad though. Finished games are to be posted to rec.games.roguelike.announce newsgroup. Completion of only seventeen titles were proclaimed there which is under one third of all produced games.

The designated places to post are there to make creating various lists like one linked to above possible although it is not the only goal. If one was to adhere strictly to the rules there would be only seventeen legitimate 7DRLs! Postings from 7drl.org and announcements from rgrd were also counted but this makes things harder and unnecessarily delays efforts of the 7DRL committee and can easily cause misinformation to spread. For example exact number of successes this year.

To cope with this there are plans of sign up system. If everything goes well next Seven Day Roguelike Challenge will be better organized.

5 thoughts on “2012 7DRL Challenge Aftermath

  1. RogueBasin article is merely a FAQ which happens to disagree with official rules. Text of announcement post has not changed point 1) since 2007.

    To participate, follow these simple steps:
    1) Any time on March [day] or March [day+1] (as measured in your time
    zone), post to rec.games.roguelike.development that you have started
    work on your Seven Day Roguelike.

    There is no reason article on RogueBasin should take precedence.


  2. I think given the fact that 7DRL has been a regular event since some years, the wiki page requires some heavy editing. It should not only tell what a 7DRL is, but clearly point to this annual event and explain its official rules. Because anybody searching for 7DRL will likely find this wiki page first.


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