Rogue Wizards, a modern take on classic roguelikeness

Spellbind Studios has launched a crowdfunding campaign to develop a pretty good looking roguelike.

Fully intending to design a game that works seamlessly on both a touch screen and desktop, a hybrid turn based design was created to keep combat fast and visceral while eliminating frantic button mashing and awkward touch screen controls.

Check out their campaign!

Rogue Wizards

One thought on “Rogue Wizards, a modern take on classic roguelikeness

  1. It’s like Solstice, without the action or carefully planned puzzles!

    When will developers realize that graphics in a turn based game just remind you of how little is going on? How what you’re playing is just a stripped down version of nethack with a marginally more sophisticated “tile” interface than what you can get with NotEye, etc.?

    It’s curious that the post is little more than a banner ad. Where’s the discussion of all the new ideas this game brings to the table? … oh, right.


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