First 7DRL Expo @ RogueNet

March 25, 2021, we had the first ever 7DRL Expo at RogueNet.

The temple was set up to host the booths for 11 different roguelike projects, visitors were able to check a video of the 7DRL, and talk with their developers using roguenet’s unique chat interface.

Following the peculiarities of the 7DRL challenge, the event happened on a single day IN YOUR CURRENT TIMEZONE. I created a simple tool to schedule your timing to log into the expo, for increased chances of meeting with the developers of the games.

A new expo, featuring the top 10 7DRLs of 2021 and an improved version of roguenet, is planned to be organized as soon as the review committee shares their results.

Spoiler Alert: The 7DRL Expos are being organized in preparation of the first roguetemplecon, which I hope to run in Q3 2021.

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