Important changes in the rules and structure of Roguetemple’s Forums. Direct actions have been taken.

Today I finally got to address things that were pending being addressed a long time ago in the forums.

  • The “Being Respectful” aspect in the Rules has been updated and extended, and an explicit section for “Executive” action in case the rules are not followed has been included as well. In the past, we have allowed certain disrespectful behavior that will no longer be tolerated.
  • This included banning particular accounts that had traditionally made the forums hostile and unwelcoming for new members. I’d like to personally apologize to everybody for this very late reaction, and I hope this serves as an example of our willingness to take direct action to make things better for the community.
  • I also included some parameters for the kind of content allowed, to make it clear we welcome discussion of non-traditional roguelikes and we discourage off-topic discussion.
  • The board structure was updated to reflect the new Content parameters.
  • I’m also in the process of updating the Theme (changed the background for now)


Roguelike Celebration 2020 is happening!


Roguelike Celebration is going to happen this year again! of course, due to things happening in the world, this year it will be a Virtual celebration.

Get ready for some awesome talks and Roguelike madness, October 3 and 4.

Our next celebration will be a virtual event on Saturday October 3 and Sunday October 4, 2020.

We’re planning to have live-streamed talks, so if you have an idea for a talk, submit a talk proposal!

A thing that we’ve loved about past Roguelike Celebrations is hosting activities that aren’t exactly “talks”, such as live speedruns, procedurally-generated comedy shows, and interactive live games. As we move virtual, we’d love to see even more things like this! If you’d like to present any sort of live activity that isn’t necessarily a “talk”, the CFP is also the right place for that!

A thing that we’ve loved about past Roguelike Celebrations is hosting activities that aren’t exactly “talks”, such as live speedruns, procedurally-generated comedy shows, and interactive live games. As we move virtual, we’d love to see even more things like this! If you’d like to present any sort of live activity that isn’t necessarily a “talk”, the CFP is also the right place for that!

We’re also working to expand our celebration beyond just live talks and performances. We don’t know yet what that will look like, but we’re thinking about things like commissioning articles for a roguelike zine, running a shop full of community-made swag, or hosting more experimental interactive experiences.

If you’re an artist, game dev, or otherwise make something that could end up as part of our conference, drop us a line at contact at


As mentioned above, they are currently also accepting proposals for talks. So if you want to share something interesting related to roguelikes, either developing or playing them, send your pitch!

Roguelikes and D&D: A profound connection

Finally, after many weeks of delays and many hours of work, I managed to finish a new article based on the research I did for my 2018 talk at the roguelike celebration. I hope this article provides useful insights and allows having an additional approach to roguelikes as a genre on its own.

Many thanks to all the friends who provided useful feedback. 🙂

You can read the article HERE

Show your game at the Roguelike Celebration 2018!

The roguelike celebration, the biggest, coolest, greatest gathering of roguelike enthusiasts on Earth, is drawing close (October 6th and 7th, 2018 at the GitHub offices in San Francisco, California), and this year it will feature the ROGUELIKE @RCADE, a space where players will be able to check different kinds of roguelikes, the arcade will feature a mix of:

  • Developers or amateur developers, showing off their games or 7-day roguelikes.
  • Avid fans of various games showing them off, and explaining to people how they work.
  • Historial roguelike or roguelike-influential games running on very old hardware

Are you a developer or a hardcore roguelike player? or maybe you just want to help a game reach more people! Fill out this form and let the organizers know about it! We are organizing this space and would love to have more games to show. But do it quickly, time is running out!


Roguelike Celebration 2018 is coming!

The Roguelike Celebration, perhaps the biggest roguelike-centered event in the world, is happening for the third time in 2018.


The date has been set to October 6 and 7, and it will happen again at GitHub’s HQ in San Francisco, as it did last year. Get your tickets now for two days of awesome talks, meeting with roguelike players and developers, playing some games and having a lot of geek fun!

Also, the Call For Presenters is open until July 7, so if you think you have something interesting to share with the roguelike community, share your idea! Past two years have been full of great talks on a variety of topics. Check their website for the full archive of talks in the meantime too!

The Results for the 2018 7DRL Challenge are now available!

Check out all the finished roguelikes for this year’s 7DRL Challenge!


Many thanks to the reviewing committee!

  • Xecutor 12.55%
  • irskep 7.45%
  • roaderful 6.67%
  • jere 6.27%
  • rubybliels 6.27%
  • sparr 5.88%
  • 8BitGoggles 5.10%
  • MatthewLacker 4.71%
  • tomtl 4.71%
  • James McNeill 4.31%
  • PNJeffries 4.31%
  • CaptainKraft 3.92%
  • Deevoh 3.92%
  • heroicfisticuffs 3.92%
  • IceBoxr 3.14%
  • Lachlan Kingsford 3.14%
  • keipra 2.75%
  • Wazoo Labs 2.75%
  • AquaTsar 1.96%
  • jmlait 1.96%
  • Vedor 1.57%
  • Fengol 1.18%
  • Starstew 1.18%
  • PyrooL 0.39%

Roguelike Developers meet during GDC 2018


SAN FRANCISCO — In what can only be described as a brilliantly executed procedurally generated meetup (disguised as a chaotic, improvised and unplanned mess), over 20 professional roguelike developers attending the 2018 Game Developers Conference met at Yerba Buena Gardens last March 21 to talk about their current projects, share stories of development and have a fun time together.

Among the participants were the developers of Dwarf Fortress, Jupiter Hell, Caves of Qud, Cardinal Quest, Tangledeep, and Ananias, as well as the main organizer of the Roguelike Celebration event.


I hope next year’s output will be closer to what a real planner would do and more believable too.“, said Santiago Zapata, designer of the procedural generator used for the event.

Jeff Lait has been awarded a Sci-Tech Academy Award

Jeff Lait is a long-standing figure of the roguelike scene. A pioneer on handheld roguelikes with the homebrew GameBoy Advance game: POWDER, and one of the only two persons to have participated in all thirteen yearly 7DRL Challenges to date. I interviewed him almost 10 years ago and he already had a veritable career in our micro-universe. it also looks like he managed to fulfill his main goal for the future which was “to survive”.


This year, he has been awarded a Science and Technology Academy Award for his contributions to Houdini, a high-end toolkit to generate special effects (including a lot of procedural effects), used in many companies including Disney. From our years-ago interview, it seems he was starting his career on SideFX by then.

Welcome to the X-Men

“I’d like to thank my wife Catelyn and my daughter Sophie for helping separate the real from the unreal in this world”

Take a look at the clip where Patrick Steward announces the award. Congratulations to Jeff!

Migration to

…should be complete! all requests to the old wordpress installation should be redirected to and should link to the same content.

Along the way I also cleaned up roguetemple’s web directory, the following were archived:

  • The complete old wordpress installation
  • Banners from the old banner rotation program roguetemple had
  • Some random files that were behind hosted in the projects, share and villaDownloads directories (contact me if you miss them)
  • Backups from the IRLDB which is now hosted at
    • This is so because it has an integration with the forums to post your reviews and score
  • A (broken) poll for the IRDC 2009 location

Things that rightfully remained:

Interesting things I found:

  • The original 2006 Roguelike World Map (prior to the Roguemundi), which I plan to revamp soon. (BTW, this is the actual add request link)
  • The (broken) proof of concept for “atTube“, a service to upload roguelike playthroughs similar to YouTube, using a console recorder.

Please let me know if you notice any dead links or missing content!