Angband 3.0.8 Released

RIPAs pre announced some time ago, the current Angband development team has released a new major version. Thank you very much dudes, I am sure lots of people will enjoy all your hard work!

This the final release of the Angband 3.0.7s series. Quite a number of people have been involved in this version, and thanks must be given to Hugo Kornelis, Pete Mack, Marco K and Frank Palazzolo, Christer Nyfalt, Leon Marrick, Andrew Doull, Kenneth Boyd, Iain McFall, Kiyoshi Aman, Christophe Cavalaria, Nick McConnell, Brendon Oliver, Antony Sidwell, “Yendor”, and Shanoah Alkire. Probably others, too. 🙂

Further info here, including downloads for Windows, RISC OS and Source Code

New version of Vanilla Angband is coming

Angband LogoThe world of Angband shakes violently as a new official version of Vanilla is getting closer to completion; massive ammounts of work have been put by several individuals into the new version: Angband 3.0.8.

The DevTeam has currently released a testing version and put a deadline of July 1st for an official release if no big issues are found. You can access it and give them a hand by going for the source or the Windows distro

I am happy to see Angband is still alive and kicking, with a new website, a renewed infrastructure composed of a wiki, an issue tracker and some other web tools and, most importantly, a devteam commited with the future of the project.

Further info on this thread

Angband is soon to have a new official release. Before that, though, I want to put out a prerelease version for testing purposes. I believe this version to be mostly bug-free and fairly consistent, but you may find otherwise, and if you do, I want to know! If no problems are found, I’ll release 3.0.8 final without any modifications on 1st July.

Sangband 1.0.0 Final

Sangand Red Dragon CrestUpdate from the *bands front: the Sangband mantainer is proud to announce version “1.0.0 Final” of the game.

Main feature of Sangband is its “intense character development”, which is all Skill based instead of Exp-based; it works really well, and the choices you make really affect the way you can play your adventurer.

Congratulations to its mantainer, Leon Marrick, for achieving the much elusive 1.0.0!

There are many ways to die. There are many ways to die. The choices you make among skills, the plunder from vaults and fallen foes, the objects you forge, your growing tactical prowess – all will shape your adventure.

Current Mantainer/Developer: Leon Marrick
License: GPL
Status 1.0.0 Stable