How big is the world of dungeon Crawl?

The crawl devteam, from the unholy grounds of, would love it if you emailed them answers to this poll:

1. What is your age?
2. Which country do you live in?
3. Do you play locally, on a server or both?
4. Do you play Tiles or ASCII or both?
5. Which Operating Systems do you use at home?
6. Which Roguelikes have you played before? (Nethack, ADOM, Angbandetc.)
7. Where did you learn about Crawl?
8. And when?
9. How often did you win Crawl? (If none, you may specify your best game.)
10. If you take part in the Crawl tournament: where did you hear about it?
11. Did you ever recommend Crawl to someone?
12. Which computer game played most in the last month (July)?

Send your replies to crawlpoll at!

Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year 2008 Winners!

The gigantic poll for teh best roguelike of 2008 has finished at Ascii dreams, and the undoubted winner is…. Dungeon Crawl, Stone Soup!

This comes to no surprise as this “variant” has given Crawl, which was already one of the most popular roguelike, a new breath of life. Congratulations to all the development team!

Following are the 10 first games:

1. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup: 126 votes

2. Dwarf Fortress: 116 votes

3. Incursion: Halls of the Goblin King: 45 votes

3. DoomRL: 45 votes

5. POWDER: 30 votes

6. Legerdemain: 28 votes

7. GearHead-2: 18 votes

7. Elona: 18 votes

9. Unangband: 16 votes

10. T.o.M.E: 15 votes

Congratulations to all developers!

Three new roguelike devlogs

Krice’s Kaduria Devlog discusses the development of the game as well as the rants from one of the controversial posters at r.g.r.d (here you go, a bit of attention for you 🙂 )

Perdurabo’s Kharne Devlog sports interesting articles about random dungeon generation and several interesting roguelike development topics

Mr. Donick’s LambdaRogue Devlog shows off his advancements toward a finished version, including screenshot and articles

ADOM has a new website


Good news for all ADOM-maniacs out there, Mr. Thomas Biskup, soon to be interviewed in roguetemple, has released his most awaited facelift for the ADOM and JADE website. It features a blog, through which you will be able to follow development closely and which will hopefully encourage him to work continuously on his project.

So, all you people that said ADOM and JADE were dead… you were wrong! 🙂

New website looks pretty nifty, congratulations Thomas! hopefully this is a goodbye to all those December-only post years 😀

Browse and for further info

SteamBand Review

A Scandinavian HussarAndrew Doull, roguelike developer and mantainer of roguetemple’s friend blogsite: Ascii Dreams, has finished a review for the outstanding Angband variant: SteamBand!

Steamband is a Steampunk / Victorian / Pulp variant of Angband, A roguelike ASCII dungeon exploration simulation game. Steamband was based off the 2.9.3 version of Angband source code.

Check out the review, reproduced here at roguetemple with his permission.

Be sure to check too the Verbose Dumps if you want to get a feeling of the game, and the excellent fan-art by ponpoko.

Ascii Dreams – a Roguelike Developer’s Diary

Ascii Dreams is a developer blog from the author of Unangband which is regularly updated and also features a good amount of articles and insight into the twisted world of roguelike game development.

From the website:

Spent too much time killing letters and collecting punctuation? Ever gone to sleep and seen ASCII in front of your eyes? This is the story of one developer pulling the levers behind the curtains, building the game he wants to play, and telling you like it is.

Check it out here

Also a new version of Unangband 0.6.2-wip6a is available.