Ongoing 7DRL Challenge

The challenge has started! Many entrants declared start date and game title. Announcement thread is over seventy posts by now but there is still time to proclaim participation until end of March 6th. A success thread for victorious challengers is already created.

Visit weblog to read how development struggle goes or to learn that other authors are also desperately tracking down a bad pointer reference on the 167th hour.

The 2011 7DRL Challenge is Coming!

The 2011 7DRL Challenge, March 5 to 13

The 2011 7DRL Challenge Logo, by Nik Coughlin
Logo by Nik Coughlin

The time has almost come! Gather all your strengths and build a roguelike, be it your first one or your next one.

A good roguelike is an expression of pure gameplay: as a developer you can turn your ideas into games for the people to enjoy, without the constraints of 3d modeling or expensive graphics creation.

Developing a roguelike also allows you to portrait a theme within the limitations of abstract or simple gfx output, but having imagination as a tool to recreate infinite environments and stories

Summon your indie gamedev friends, be they roguedevs or not for this, the annual roguelike development party!

Links of interest:

77 entries for the 7th 7DRL Challenge!

The challenge is on with an outstanding number of 77 7DRL Challengers!

You can still announce yours!

Roguetemple presents you all of them, for your viewing pleasure! (All times are GMT-5)

2009 7DRL Challengers

For a groundbreaking number, 41 roguedevs have accepted the challenge! We’re all gonna have a lot of cool games to play next week  🙂

  • Fruits of the Forest by Ido Yehieli
  • TetrisRL by Sir_Lewk
  • GrimRL by Nik Coughlin
  • Pink Ninja by Deveah
  • AbstractRL by jimmy aberg
  • Stones of Chaos: the True God by idontexist
  • Fl@shpoint by edwardoka
  • The Favored by guesst
  • Nyctos by Mary Haas and James Madison
  • When Zombies Attack!  by David A
  • Murder in Moscow by Mike Judge
  • Underbooks by Christopher Brandt
  • Decimation by Ed
  • The Lion King by Darren Grey
  • Whispers in the Void by destroysound
  • Unnamed attempt by Sherm Pendley
  • Environmental Energies by Gamer_2k4
  • Hydrosphere by HexDecimal
  • Expedition by Slash
  • Fist of the Rogue Warrior by s.chiu
  • Unnamed attempt by Nils
  • Robot Rebellion by Emile
  • MultiRL by Nathan Stoddard
  • Unnamed attempt by chr.m.charles
  • Epic! Monster Quest: Hyper by buub0nik
  • Planets of Elderlore by Altefact
  • A Roguelike by h.j.l.jones
  • Jacob’s Matrix by Jeff Lait
  • Escape from Lab 42 by rdc
  • Nidhoggr by Michal Bielinski
  • Quarterlight by Phil O’Neill
  • Fortress of the Goblin King by Florian Diebold
  • DDRogue by flend
  • Persist by jab
  • dL1 by Legend of Angband
  • Catacombs of the Soulthief by Derrick Creamer
  • DungeonMinder by Adam Gatt
  • Tales of Ezcyria by Stein
  • SpiritsRL by Xecutor
  • DukeRL by corremn
  • chickhack by purpleflayer

Find full info and links at this roguetemple thread

2009 7DRL Challenge is coming!

An so it was, that roguelike authors were faced again with the grueling challenge of making a complete roguelike within one hundred and sixty eight hours.

The time for 2009 7DRL Challenge is on!

A Seven Day Roguelike (7DRL) can be written at any time.  However, a general agreement was reached that it would be fun to schedule a specific week for a challenge.  This allows the various authors to know that others are also desperately tracking down a bad pointer reference on the 167th hour.

Now, we must choose a week.


As per tradition, three weeks have been selected.  January is right out, as that is not enough warning.  Same goes for first week of February.  The following two weeks can easily run into Valentines, and I don’t want any angry significant others tracking me down.

Thus, the available weeks are:

1) February 21st to March 1st
2) February 28th to March 8th
3) March 7th to March 15th

Now head to rgrd and vote! and remember… We are working, obviously, on the honour system.

The NetHack season is upon us once again

So, here they go again, the hardcore conquerors of everything (even the kitchen sink) will meet again in a turn based, indirect interaction, world-wide, smash-out.

On Halloween, at midnight Pacific U.S. Time, /dev/null’s Tenth Annual NetHack Tournament opens.  As with past years, the Tournament is open to anyone who’d like to play.

This year is the Tournament’s 10th anniversary; it’s been suggested that this makes it the longest-running gaming tournament on the Internet, and we’ve been unable to find any older ones out there so that may very well be true.

Click friend and enter!