Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year 2011 winners!

Voting for best roguelike games at Ascii Dreams has finished today. This time almost three thousand people have voted! Undisputed winner is:

Tales of Maj'Eyal logo

Tales of Maj’Eyal

Following are the 20 first games (note we have two ties):

1. ToME 4 with 702 votes

2. Dungeons of Dredmor with 612 votes

3. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup with 486 votes

4. JADE with 431 votes

5. Desktop Dungeons with 391 votes

6. Dwarf Fortress with 373 votes

7. Brogue with 240 votes

8. The Binding of Isaac with 199 votes

9. DoomRL: Doom, the Roguelike with 178 votes

10. Cataclysm with 170 votes

11. Legends of Yore with 94 votes

12. X@COM with 90 votes

13. Caves of Qud with 87 votes

14. UnReal World with 79 votes

15. Angband with 68 votes

15. Cardinal Quest with 68 votes

17. POWDER with 66 votes

18. Infra Arcana with 62 votes

19. Prospector RL with 49 votes

19. Rogue Survivor with 49 votes

2010 Annual Roguelike Release Party: Results

It’s been more than a month, still, I present you the results of the first ever ARRP, directly from roguebasin! Short reviews will be made for each one in the following week,

IRDC 2009 is coming!

The Second International Roguelike Development Conference is coming! While some votes are being cast over r.g.r.d. for the location of the main event (discussion has barely started), it has been proposed that many micro-events be held on different cities all around the world roughly at the same time!

If you would be interested in participating or helping host such a meeting, please fill the Clustered Model survey, so we can find out how many neraby roguelike lovers could meet!

What is this conference? if you are a roguelike developer or player seeking to have a nice time with fellow roguelikers, and probably watch one or two roguelike development related conferences, this is your oportunity!

Berlin International Roguelike Development Conference 2008

And so it was that several roguedevs met at the historical city of Berlin for the first IRDC on September 2008. There were not many, but it is quality which matters, and we are looking forward for future events.

You can download the videos and related material at

These are some of the presentations:

  • Christopher Brandt: How not to write a roguelike – a review of his own experience trying to write DungeonHunter contrasted with his success on Aviel’s Stand
  • Ido Yehieli: Description of facing-based field of view, hearing radii, and their impact on UI and gameplay.
  • Jeff Lait: Survey of different methods of discretization and its gameplay implications.
  • Radomir: Introduction to Python as an effective roguelike platform with examples from Z-Day.
  • David Ploog: Remarks on Roguelike Design (Not Coding)
  • Mario Donick: Symbolism on roguelikes

The so-called “Cabal of Elite Roguelikers” also announced an official roguelike re-definition, “The Berlin Interpretation”,  based on the current roguetemple definition; you can read and discuss it here

Have fun watching the videos!


Eat your stone soup, August Crawl Tournament

The dudes at have announced a public tournament to take place during the month of August! It is time to prove your dungeon crawling skills against talented crawlers from all around the world!

Hello everyone! With help from a cast of characters always growing and always awesome, I’m putting together the first Crawl tournament in the style of various nethack tournaments, including the /dev/null network tournament and Eidolos’s June tournaments. Here are the basics:

* You play as many games as you want for the entirety of August.
* Wins get you meta-points, especially for the fastest or first or streaks.
* High scores in race/class combinations get you meta-points, especially if you have the most of them.
* Getting runes and killing uniques also get you meta-points, so you don’t need to be a Crawl Champion to get your name up on the scoreboard.
* Clans of six players or less are encouraged and clans have their own special additional meta-points to determine which clan wins.
* There should be at least one server in the US and at least one in Europe; if you’re interested in hosting a server, please send me email.

You don’t need to do anything to sign up other than play on CAO. When there is specific information about the exact start/end times, specific information about clan memberships, and a webpage with the current status of “Who’s winning each prize?,” I’ll post again. If it tempts you at all, there will be actual, physical, you-not-your-character can touch them prizes. 🙂

The tournament has started, you are still on time to get in! Go to Crawl at

Also, join roguetemple’s clan and fight for glory and fame!

2008 Roguelike Soundtrack Contest Entries, and Interview with Mingos

The 2008 Roguelike Soundtrack Contest entries have been published! Check out the contest homepage and vote for your favorite!

They were 15 valiant bards entering the dreadful labyrinth of the 2008 roguelike soundtrack contest. Only 8 of them survived the traps and hidden creatures. You can vote until July, 20 23:59 GMT for your favorite soundtrack

Thank you Mingos and Jice for arranging this contest. And thank you contestants for providing us with quality soundtracks!

Check the Interview with Mingos for further details!