Eat your stone soup, August Crawl Tournament

The dudes at have announced a public tournament to take place during the month of August! It is time to prove your dungeon crawling skills against talented crawlers from all around the world!

Hello everyone! With help from a cast of characters always growing and always awesome, I’m putting together the first Crawl tournament in the style of various nethack tournaments, including the /dev/null network tournament and Eidolos’s June tournaments. Here are the basics:

* You play as many games as you want for the entirety of August.
* Wins get you meta-points, especially for the fastest or first or streaks.
* High scores in race/class combinations get you meta-points, especially if you have the most of them.
* Getting runes and killing uniques also get you meta-points, so you don’t need to be a Crawl Champion to get your name up on the scoreboard.
* Clans of six players or less are encouraged and clans have their own special additional meta-points to determine which clan wins.
* There should be at least one server in the US and at least one in Europe; if you’re interested in hosting a server, please send me email.

You don’t need to do anything to sign up other than play on CAO. When there is specific information about the exact start/end times, specific information about clan memberships, and a webpage with the current status of “Who’s winning each prize?,” I’ll post again. If it tempts you at all, there will be actual, physical, you-not-your-character can touch them prizes. 🙂

The tournament has started, you are still on time to get in! Go to Crawl at

Also, join roguetemple’s clan and fight for glory and fame!

2008 Roguelike Soundtrack Contest Entries, and Interview with Mingos

The 2008 Roguelike Soundtrack Contest entries have been published! Check out the contest homepage and vote for your favorite!

They were 15 valiant bards entering the dreadful labyrinth of the 2008 roguelike soundtrack contest. Only 8 of them survived the traps and hidden creatures. You can vote until July, 20 23:59 GMT for your favorite soundtrack

Thank you Mingos and Jice for arranging this contest. And thank you contestants for providing us with quality soundtracks!

Check the Interview with Mingos for further details!

More roguelikes for the 7DRL Challenge

6 more brave roguedevs have accepted the 7DRL challenge!

Space Marine type RL by Corremn

You are a mercenary marine that recruits other mercs and take on bad stuff and shit.

“thats a zergling, Leister, smaller type of Zerg…, they wouldn’t be out this far, unless … aww shit!’

A Knight in the Dungeon by Gerry Quinn

The main character operates like a chess piece of sorts – he probably has several lives and normally moves like a king in chess, killing pieces he moves onto. Items or skills may award him special moves or attacks.

ArabiaRL by Andy Pymont

You will play Aladdin, aiming to escape the depths of the cave after being left there by the vizier who has just run off with your lamp, your genie and your girl.

Countryside Zomband by zooptek

The goal is not to update or fix the existing Zomband, but to make a whole new expansion for it. In original Zomband, the goal was to escape the city. My work for the 7DRL challenge will be what happens after your character escapes the city. Although both are in the same executable, the new region your character enters after escaping the city will have all new level generation, tiles, items, monsters, and player abilities.

1DRL by Zaratustra

Started development.

Gang City Brawler by Timothy R. Dean et all

The inspiration comes mostly from 80’s arcade brawler games and to a lesser extent the movies about the punk kids of that time. The overall objective of the game is to eradicate all the gangs in the city by taking out the gang leaders using bare fists, street weapons and even the environment itself as a weapon.

The 7DRL Challenge 2008 has started!

Following the 7DRL phenomenon pre 7DRL challenge (6 projects), 11 developers (for now) have decided to jump into the challenge! this, is their history.

RogueTCG (or possibly RoguEMon!) by Lochok

My goal is to write the RogueTCG (Trading card game) – in which the goal will be to use your RoguEMon cards (your RoguEMen as it were) to battle your way through the foyer, sales and administration to confront the CEO to have your custom card produced.

Simple Flash Rogue by failRate

I intend to make a super-simple Rogue-like in Flash that will save game state both locallly and on a remote server, so I can play at home or away. The latest version will always be found at

Return to Sorsaria by Krice

This game is set in alternative reality where The Avatar died, sadly. The player jumps into Sosaria through moon gate and finds a world full of hostile creatures.

TrapRogue by Nate

You’ll have to get an artifact from the dungeon and evade lots of traps. I’ll let you be surprised about the rest 🙂

Rogue Batallion by Ed Kolis

My concept is “Rogue Battalion” – it’s a roguelike in a modern warfare setting, where “Captain @” is the commander of an army battalion. The main unique feature is that of Vehicles

Faterhood by Jeff Lait

The name of the game is “Fatherhood”

SomethingWithZombies by Mr. Red Sunshine

Don’t yet know the goal or the proper Theme. Something with Zombies, biological weapons, a mysterious corporation and an accident. Zombies don’t require much ai 😉

chrysalis by sinoth

The general game concept is that you start as a weak insect-like creature (I invision it as a zergling (COPYRIGHT BLIZZARD)) and you must destroy the military bases of humans that have invaded your planet.
Gameplay will revolve around destroying fortified bases randomly scattered on a generated world. There will be no dungeon levels up and down, but instead one large map that you can traverse seamlessly.

Unnamed by chukGren

Basically, it will be a forced fight to the death between some number of combatants in a play area that gets smaller as time elapses. The catch is that the combatants all knew each other beforehand so some of them are reluctant to attack others… and they will only start doing so past some psychological tipping point (time, people attacking them, damage, etc).

Undisclosed by Slash

I have started coding my roguelike.
Actually, I havent… but the time is running already, isnt it? 🙂

Unnamed by Nick Beam

I started a couple hours ago. It’s loosely based in the Magi-Nation universe, a trading card game and game boy game from ~2001. I’m using my Tarn ( engine to build it. I’m still not sure about the exact story or point of the game, but I’m sure it’ll come to me by the time I finish the subsystems. :<

The 7DRL Challenge 2008 draws near!

The 7DRL Challenge 2008 Logo

The time is NOW, accept the 2008 7DRL Challenge!

The 2008 7DRL Challenge will run «March 8th» to «March 16th». We hope to see you there!

What is a 7DRL?

A Seven Day Roguelike is a roguelike created in seven days. This means the author stopped developing it 168 hours after starting.

The idea behind 7DRLs is forcing developers to finish a showable product instead of adding features endlessly to their grandiose, never to be released projects, a common pattern in the roguelike development world.

Incidentally, they are also useful as a way to test new ideas as non-traditional, experimental, scrapable roguelikes, thus allowing the genre to expand beyond its barriers.

You are welcome and encouraged to write a 7DRL anytime you want, as a great exercise to increase your odds as a sucessful roguelike developer; however, in 2005, the roguelike community established a yearly event, the 7DRL Challenge, in which all the world is challenged to create a roguelike in a one-week span.

The annual event occurs during a week in late February or early March. There is a chance that some other challenges may arise out of schedule, thus allowing more than one challenge per year.

7DRL Challenges are NOT about being a /fast/ coder, but rather proving you can release a finished, playable roguelike to the world. There is no winner of the challenge, but rather all those who finish are honoured for their work, the criterion is completeness.

There are some light rules for this event

  • Post on when you are about to start development (You will have exactly 168 hours left after this) (Use google groups for easy usenet access)
  • You CAN use external libraries, game engines, pre-existing generic code/algorithms, pre-existing generic art, etc. You can even start your game from an existing game, if you are willing to turn it out into something unique, you must however say what resources were reused.
  • It is allowed and recommended to have a rough design idea of your project before starting
  • 168 or less hours after your initial post, post your results on; if you were sucessful, post your announcement on

To the date, there have been four 7DRL challenges

  • March 5th to March 13th 2005.
  • February 25th to March 5th 2006.
  • October 15th to October 23th 2006
  • March 10th to March 18th 2007

Check This Roguebasin Article for further info, also, keep an eye on Roguetemple’s 7DRL Shrine

Another London Roguelike Meet

The London RoguelikerEva Myers has posted about a roguelike meeting soon to take place over London. A good chance to meet fellow roguelikers

The next London roguelike meet will be at 14:00 on Saturday 26 January in the Pembury Tavern ( Weplan to (e)at, (q)uaff and #chat about roguelikes and related topics. Look for people who are either wearing Nethack T-shirts, or just looking generally geek-like.

Is anybody up to arrange meeting in other latitudes? definitively over Poland and Finland, the Republics of Roguelikes.

A meeting on America would also be nice

RogueCommunity Update

The voting has started, based on roguebasin’s releases news, Andrew Doull from ASCII Dreams has put a poll online for the roguelike of this year… be sure to vote for your favorite roguelike!

  • Thomas Biskup has made his yearly christmas appearance for 2007, announcing his plans for ’08 which include releasing JADE and redesigning ADOM website. We are all eager to see him fulfill this ToDo list!

Here come the news!

Lo and behold! Who says that magic is dying! Here is living proof that it is not!

What happens when you dont post for eighteen days? lots of things going on into this, our small roguelike world!

ElderloreLands of ElderLore This promising world-scoped roguelike project keeps advancing with version 0.0.9

After a big rush this weekend, I succeeded in almost finishing what was remaining to do. Thus here is version 0.0.9, still not fully playable, but with a lot of new functionalities which are detailed below.

Après un gros rush ce week-end, j’ai réussi grosso modo à terminer ce qu’il restait à faire. Voici donc la version 0.0.9, toujours non jouable, mais avec pas mal de nouvelles fonctionnalités qui sont détaillées ci-dessous.

(Isn’t french WAY cool?)

The new version includes improvements on tbe world generator for forests and deserts, a new musical introduction, animals, isometrical view for zones and several bugs destroyed. Keep on it Altefcat!

SubterraneSubterrane v0.224, from Tarindel, the same guy of dev-spot, is now available for download.

Subterrane is an underground dungeon crawl largely following in the footsteps of Crawl. The player begins the game trapped in a dungeon, with the ultimate goal of escaping. Along the way, the player will explore the dungeon, encounter monsters, and find treasure to help in that endeavor.

The game now runs on linux and there is a lot of new content, including magical items, non physical damage, textbooks and many more things.

HexCrawl, a 7DRLPatch for Dungeon Crawl is out for public evaluation

It’s crawl, but in hex. “Why?”, you ask; “Why not?” I cunningly retort.

It is a big patch, and there is not yet any available documentation… direct download here


HellbandHellBand 0.8.6. by Sir konijn_ of Montreal (aka Mr. T) has been released.


A new release is ready, and this time I will keep on working on Hellband. This release is mainly fixing my pet peeves with the game without breaking save game file format. I will break it for 0.8.7 which should come out fairly soon.

Get the download here

The Dungeon Creation contest at the Dev-Spot forums has finished, congratulations to the 6 challengers!

Okay, final results time. There were 6 entries for this contest:

  • konijn’s undead desert terrain generator — Interesting use of browser transparency and hexes.
  • Icey’s town generator — Love the fact that it includes a brothel. The trees, statues, lakes, and flowerbeds add a nice touch.
  • sinoth’s island generator — Very interesting, I especially like the minimap.
  • gerryq’s dungeon generator — I’ve never seen a dungeon generator do multi-width hallways. The generated dungeons are pleasing.
  • microwerx’s dungeon generator — I like how you linked the stairs via html. Clever!
  • Seventh Holy Scripture’s forest generator — The forests look very lush.

My pick for winner of this contest is… Seventh Holy Scripture, even though the river always goes left. Heh.

Each participant has been given a medal for their bio page at roguebasin. Check the results and generators here

Some critical patches have been released for Incursion taking the game to version 0.6.1.a, check them out at the official download site

What should I be doing with patch release announcements? I’ve been patching frequently, and I don’t want to spam Usenet.

An interesting 7DRL based on DarkGod’s T-Engine, Zombie Horror, has been released. the game seems to be pretty nice and to make a good work at setting up the mood, it includes sound and… zombies!

* Great music
* Scary and funny (Yes, these are features Tongue )
* Multiple target-zone based damage system
* Lots and lots of gore

What do people have with Zombies and Sewers on roguelikes, I wonder? Smiley

Further info here

Yendor continues with the noble task of bringing life to the original versions of Rogue, with the release of Advanced Rogue 5.8s and Rogue 5.4.3

This is a variant of the original Advanced Rogue 5.8 with some additional magic items, some different monsters, and a variety of “special” rooms (the ‘s’ stands for special in the name). This is pretty much the last version of rogue I had laying about waiting for restoration.

Info at rogueforge: Advanced Rogue and Rogue 5.4

Seven Weeks is a new java based 7DRL

I started Friday the 13th and finished on Thursday the 19th. I didn’t find time to actually release until now, but I haven’t touched the code after the deadline ended.

Following a proud tradition of roguelikes, this is a game about a thief. Taking this concept to its logical extreme, it puts a heavy emphasis on stealth and advanced forms of movement. In fact, it contains no winnable combat, and the only enemies comparable to monsters in normal roguelikes should generally be avoided at all costs.

A lot of work seems to have been put into the game, which sports interesting gameplay features. An updated 7DRL version has been released as usual; further info at the projects’ website

Gape in awe at Stu’s rusty bucket, and find out about his roguelike game in the works: Cracks and Crevices, which got it 0.3 version some time ago now be sure to also check out his cRPG, FishGuts… looking nice!

Actually, 0.4 must be coming out anytime, as it is already been developed

The 0.4 release is shaping up very nicely, I’ve put in a ‘win state’ which is not the true end game but its enough to keep to the game winnable for the time being and give players a goal for early releases.

Anyhow, the game sports semi realtime movement and a classic theme… worth checking!

And so, this long update post ends. Hopefully next one will come sooner 🙂

Angband Competition

Angband CompetitionA new website has risen: The angband craze goes on with a collection of periodical competitions; starting from a common savefile, the fellow angbanders play to make their best either in vanilla or one of the popular variants.

Current competition is for SAngband, and will run until August 31 2007

Further info here