The NetHack season is upon us once again

So, here they go again, the hardcore conquerors of everything (even the kitchen sink) will meet again in a turn based, indirect interaction, world-wide, smash-out.

On Halloween, at midnight Pacific U.S. Time, /dev/null’s Tenth Annual NetHack Tournament opens.  As with past years, the Tournament is open to anyone who’d like to play.

This year is the Tournament’s 10th anniversary; it’s been suggested that this makes it the longest-running gaming tournament on the Internet, and we’ve been unable to find any older ones out there so that may very well be true.

Click friend and enter!

Endlich da, NetzHack

For all Schurken-spiele players out there, have a look!

NetzHackWir nennen es NetzHack: die deutsche Übersetzung des klassischen Computerspiels NetHack.

Es ist längst nicht fertig – ausreichend testen können wir es gar nicht alleine. Deswegen veröffentlichen wir an dieser Stelle den aktuellen Stand der Arbeit.

Mein Deutsch ist ziemlich null, aber das Projekt sieht interessant!


Playing OnlineThis NetHack variant has been around for while now, being constantly developed and updated (contrasting to the other variants, let alone vanilla), the author, Derek Ray, has decided to address some of the things NetHack needs to keep being fun and interesting for new and old players.

Along with this, the author also provides a public telnet server you can play on. Simply telnet to, create an account, and select ‘p’lay!

Vanilla Nethack has been solved.

I know, this is heresy for a lot of people. But Marvin has a 23-game ascension streak posted on, and Mike Kelly recently broke that streak with a 24-game one of his own. There is a player with over 100 ascensions on NAO since June. Someone is writing a borg to automate large parts of the game. This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t effectively solved, which is quite possible for a turn-based game.

Playing OnlineMost importantly, because the game has been solved, there’s no longer a lot of fun available for a spoiled and/or experienced player. There are a number of perfect binary defenses available, and the game is all about obtaining those as soon as possible… relegating tactics and on-the-spot creativity to the early game.

I could have waited for the Dev Team to release the next version, but it’s been four years and there’s no guarantee they’ll think the same way I do. So, I created this. It’s a full fork of vanilla Nethack 3.4.3.

In short, one of the purposes of this fork is to try to make the game more interesting for experienced/skilled players, while making it no harder (or, in a couple cases, slightly easier) for the newbie. It’s also going to be an attempt to try to increase variety in the standard ‘ascension kit’, since right now that kit is pretty well defined.

Nethack 3D for the MacOSX

NetHack 3D

This project is a fancy frontend for NetHack sporting a full modern interface, including a 3D view! (along with a classic tiled view and an ASCII mode).

Too bad it is Mac only, but so far it looks interesting… albeit not much info is available due to its japanese nature (the website claims the game supports english though)

NetHack3D is a port for MacOSX (Cocoa) of nethack which is an RPG of traditional Unix. As for full 3D by OpenGL, various expansion is made. I support English and Japanese.

Transliteration: NetHack 3D is a MacOSX (Cocoa) port of NetHack, which is a traditional Unix RPG. It offers a 3D powered by OpenGL as well as many other expansions. It supports Engrish and Japanese

Further info at the official website

NetHack 3D

AGB-Hack, more fun for your GBA

Exploring the dungeon with your beloved dogDonnie Rusell, the same guy from AGB-Rogue, which I have posted about early on, announces the release of a new version of AGB-Hack.

So, if you are tired of dying at the hands of the evil RNG, or just want to feel a bit of pet company, this is your chance 🙂

The game uses the same “ported UI” than AGB-Rogue, which means you can play the game just like you were on a PC (You have access to a virtual keyboard, which is tied to the key-bindings for quick reference).

This one, however, comes with no tiles. But in my opinion, half the charm of Hack (and NetHack) comes from their ASCII modes.

AGB_Hack is an adaptation of Don Kneller’s PC Hack 3.61 to the GameBoy Advance.

New features:

* Menu-based inventory/command interface. You can now select an object in your inventory and perform actions relevant to it.
* Many selections that previously required a keypress have been
converted to menus.

* Bugfixes, optimizations and small changes to improve playability
(see changes.txt file for details)

Developer: Donnie Rusell
Licence: Freeware
Status: 1.4

NetHack.Net LogoA nice resource for all of you nethackers or nethacker wannabes… this website is got lots of cool stuff, including this nifty, hand-drawn map of all the nethack realm! perhaps some artist here would be interested in producing a polished version? (would be a different kind of charm :P)

It also has some nice stats based on scripts for players, scores and death causes… Also, the level descriptions are complete and useful… have a look!