Jeff Lait has been awarded a Sci-Tech Academy Award

Jeff Lait is a long-standing figure of the roguelike scene. A pioneer on handheld roguelikes with the homebrew GameBoy Advance game: POWDER, and one of the only two persons to have participated in all thirteen yearly 7DRL Challenges to date. I interviewed him almost 10 years ago and he already had a veritable career in our micro-universe. it also looks like he managed to fulfill his main goal for the future which was “to survive”.


This year, he has been awarded a Science and Technology Academy Award for his contributions to Houdini, a high-end toolkit to generate special effects (including a lot of procedural effects), used in many companies including Disney. From our years-ago interview, it seems he was starting his career on SideFX by then.

Welcome to the X-Men
“I’d like to thank my wife Catelyn and my daughter Sophie for helping separate the real from the unreal in this world”

Take a look at the clip where Patrick Steward announces the award. Congratulations to Jeff!

Let’s play POWDER video series

Lim-Dul shares some tips and tricks about POWDER in his video series. If you have not played the game yet or would like an introduction visit

I prepared several videos in advance but only uploaded two so far –
I’ll put one up on Youtube each day till next Thursday when I go on a
trip to the Netherlands – then I’ll see where I go from there.


Direct links:
Let’s play POWDER 01: Imps on Acid
Let’s play POWDER 02: Snail Liches, Traps and Water

POWDER, 5 Years, 100 Versions

Pinkie, we loves you!POWDER, the one roguelike game for handheld devices GBA and Nintendo DS by Jeff Lait, has reached its version number 100 on its 5th anniversary!

Wow! Five years and 100 releases!

For those expecting massive changes on the 100th release, I am sorry to disappoint you. Massive changes implies massive instability, so I have acted cautiously in preparation for this milestone.

This is the example of a project in constant evolution, gaining more and more followers recently. It is one of the most mature roguelikes out there, and it is *raw* playability. (And beware Kiwis, I am serious)

The new Dude…Congratulations to Jeff for achieving this important milestone, and I hope we still have POWDER for long 🙂

Now, if you haven’t given it a look. GO FOR IT

Some Pics

powdermonsters.png powderascii.png