Releass Wire XVII

Privateer 0.3.7

You will now only be fined and banned for attacks and murders on a base or planet if a witness sees both you and your victim right as the act is being committed (if you’re attacking or killing a police officer, witnesses aren’t required for fines and banning). You will also only be fined and banned for using a hand grenade if somebody saw you throwing the grenade.

Quarker 0.001

I’ve got a new version of my in development roguelike up. Now with version numbering!

libtcod-net 0.1

libtcod-net is a BSD licensed C# library that wraps libtcod, a roguelike library.

libtcod 1.3.2

libtcod 1.3.2 is a bugfix release. It also adds documentation for the fast generic container TCODList.

Doryen Arena 0.7

arena 0.7 has slightly improved and easier gameplay

ASCII-Draw Build 7

AsciiDraw is a console application meant to serve as a replacement for standard text editors when prototyping a roguelike’s interface. It provides access to all ascii characters and standard colors.


Two versions ago, David Parker ported POWDER to the GP2X. The GP2X is a type of hardware I’ve always meant to support – they actively encourage homebrew style development. Thus, I am very happy that David’s changes have been rolled into the main development branch so we should have a GP2X build now. For those aching for stylus support – the source is there too. I have compiled this version blind, so apologies in advance if there are problems. With your feedback we can get it worked out.

Legerdemain 0.9.8

The Phenomedom Tourist Bureau has added several new passages and items, dozens of new scripted events and hints, and lots more dialogue to ensure your stay is an entertaining one. A few unwinnable situations have also been corrected.

Incursion 0.6.9H4

Quick patch release, now up on the official site for Win32, Mac and Linux! The online manual is now up-to-date as well.

DarkHall 1.1.71

Thanks for taking your valuable time to try it out!

Releases Wire XVI

LambdaRogue 0.3.1

We are now at 0.3.1, which polishes many things, improves the look (both in console and SDL mode) and offers many new features which should make gameplay more interesting.

Doryen’s Arena 0.6

I tried to make the first levels a bit more difficult and less boring. I also added a new experimental mode where the player’s character automatically attacks the selected target

Frozen Depths 1.03

The frost covers the land again as a new version of Frozen Depths is finished, and again it took almost a year to release a new version. 11½ months to be quite exact

FAngband DS

I now have a working (!) Nintendo DS port of FAangband 0.3.4. It is still very rough, and will (I hope) improve a lot.

Releases Wire XV

Legerdemain 0.9.7

For the rest of you, the world of Phenomedom now has a cast of nearly two hundred characters to become acquainted with, as well as new enemies, new spells, new events, and lots more polish.

libtcod 1.3.1

* Easier mouse button event detection
* Simpler use of the configuration files parser for basic files

Doryen Arena 0.5

The Doryen Arena is an ASCII real time tactical combat game. Face dozens of different creatures, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, choose your weapons and skills and pray to survive up to the next tournament level…

Unangband 0.6.2-gold2

My involvement during this release has been merely ‘file release dogsbody’. Bandobras and Big Al Phillips should receive all the praise: myself all the blame.

DaJAngband 1.0.95

Why you should play DaJAngband:
– If you’d like to play a variant that is focused on improving flavor but keeping the gameplay similar to vanilla.
– If, like me, you despise yeeks, icky things, and large white snakes and want monsters with a little more character.


Well, here it is – our first entry in “Game A Week”, an exclusive Kotaku AU feature where you guys come up with ideas for simple games and I try and code them in seven days.

Releases Wire XIV

CrashRun 0.2.0

This afternoon I released version 0.2.0 of crashRun, my roguelike game.

libtcod 1.3

This release includes the mouse support and a TCOD-like configuration files parser.

The Doryen Arena 0.4

In other words, it’s an ASCII real time tactical combat game. Face dozens of different creatures, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, choose your weapons and skills and pray to survive up to the next tournament level…

Elona 1.05

Elona 1.05b has been released. Thanks to everyone that helped me, many untranslated messages are translated now. The version includes many bug fixes and some new creatures/items. Also, I’ve released a mp3 pack for Elona which I forgot to put a link on the English official Elona site until now.

TSL 0.12


TSL 0.12 is out.

Releases Wire

GearHead2 0.502

GearHead2 version 0.502 has just been released. In case you don’tknow, GearHead is a Sunrise-inspired scifi roguelike CRPG featuring giant robots.


My time in Japan prevented me from making a release (I had turned off two of the machines I need to build on), but it didn’t prevent me from working on POWDER. There are lots of various changes including new items and skills. There is also a new 32×32 tileset that you can find in the artpack thanks to Ibson the Grey.

Privateer 0.3.2.

The most important change in this release is the character combat system. You can now attack characters on bases, and you have an inventory and health.

Incursion 0.6.9a

Just wanted to let people know that there’s been a new release of Incursion


Finally it’s done, the next milestone in LambdaRogue development has been released.

Thanks to everybody for hints, wishes, criticism, nitpicking.

CryptRover 1.0

Released about 3 months after the 7drl version, it contains a couple of new features and mainly bug fixes and balance tweaks. However, the game remains simple, and that is by design.

ToME 2.3.5.


Unexpected it was, but it did happen, so behold the new T.o.M.E. 2.3.5!

Escape from Fobbahland 0.1

got the first 0.1 beta up here, i think its reasonably challenging so far, obviously lacking a lot of polish though, any crits are welcome.

Releases Wire XII

Unangband 0.6.2

This release is a development check point which allows you to play a “relatively” bug free version of Unangband, while we significantly hack on the source to add extra features that may potentially destabilize further releases.

Please save often.

Legerdemain 0.9.6

You may find Phenomedom has changed in subtle ways since the previous version. New dialogue has been added along with some new items. Certain regions have been reshaped and/or had their populations adjusted, particularly for the case of early areas that you revisit once your fame has grown.

LambdaRogue 0.2.7

I just released the 7th beta of LambdaRogue and the first version of this game since spring 2007.


It is this time of the year again, folks. I thought the next release would be 0.9.9, but there were too many things to do, so I decided to create a version.

Elona 1.04

A new version of Elona has been released. I’ve fixed some bugs and translated some more messages. Also, thanks to f1r3fly, in-game help is being translated. Although it’s not finished yet, I’ve also included the help in this version.

Releases Wire XI

TSL 0.9

There’s honestly not a lot to say about this release. It isn’t very polished and the new features aren’t really useful yet – I’m posting mostly to let people know I’m still alive and at least some of the flaws exposed in 0.8 have been fixed.

Warlocks Mountain 0.3.2

As it would happen I was looking at my old source files and came across an old binary for WM. I was stunned that this was a previously unreleased version with a few new features that I had forgotten about.

MageGuild v0.6

Hey, all. Another small step for MageGuild: v0.6.

Zomband 7DRL Merge

I have spent some extra time combining the classic Zomband with the 7DRL expansion, creating one mostly-polished game.

Releases Wire X

The multicharacter roguelike GUILD is now being hosted at roguetemple. Check out its latest version and send Antoine your comments!

The aspiring mageIndependant software firm Lukos Software has released the first beta of their .Net MageGuild (v0.5) , looks pretty interesting so far. Note that if you are running windows you will most likely not need to download anything to run it.

Take on the role of a skilled and daring apprentice of the Nahelan Mage Guild. Delve through countless dark halls, gathering troves of hidden knowledge and gaining power; battle hordes of deadly enemies that will test the limits of your power and wit; and if you’re very lucky and very skilled, emerge into the light of day again, a full master in the Mage Guild. Play MageGuild.

POWDER (a.k.a. POWDAH) versions 103 and 104 are out now.

The long sought after fire arrows are finally present, self-poly into an iron golem has been further nerfed, and many bugs fixed. Most notable of the bug fixes is one to correct the gender assignment of dungeon citizens.

Atinar o no atinar, esa es la cuestionAtinar – Valley of Misery, a promising RPG/Roguelike in the works, has a new blog. Although no release is yet available, developer has promised to show off advancements to the public via his blog

Although easy to play, and enjoyable even during a coffee break, it has enough deep and dynamic content as to be able to always show something new and interesting for the player.

MegamanRL version 0.0.8 has been released by, featuring bugfixes and enhancing customization. You can now fully create your own levels and configure your enemies AI!

Assorted News

Cracks and Crevices 0.4

OK, I’ve sat on the release long enough. I’m sure some basic bug will pop up but what the hey.

GearHead2 v0.501

A new version of GearHead2, the robot-pimping giant-monster-fighting post-apocalyptic pop-singing roguelike, has just been uploaded to SourceForge.

Legerdemain 0.9.5

Legerdemain: the epic roguelike/IF/RPG hybrid that a couple of people are talking about!

Now with only half the crashes!

German NetHack-De 3.4.2-20080309a

NetHack-de is an attempt at a German translation of NetHack.

Sewerjacks 0.8.6d

You can finally unlock all races by defeating the races boss. Defeating the game will give you more classes for the race you were playing.

Angband 3.0.9b

Angband 3.0.9b is a bugfix version of 3.0.9.

Mines of Elderlore 1.0 beta 4 is released

I have continued developing it after the initial 7DRL release, adding graphics, balancing gameplay, and now release 1.0 beta 4 is there.

Unangband 0.6.2 Beta Release 2

This probably the last release with so big changes before 0.6.2 gold. Among other things, options’ names are changed, so some of your old pref files may not work as expected (old option names are ignored).

DoomRL Windows Installer

– confirm overwrite of .bat and .ini files during update
– enable or disable deletion of doom.prc, player.dat and score.dat during update
– configuration section in the Windows start menu for game settings, music and sound
– detection if the game is running
– Vista SP1 ready

Incursion 0.6.5B

There are new Win32 and Linux versions of Incursion up on the website. The bug list, down for several days, is now fixed. I’m going to be refactoring the Encounter Gen code next, so no updates (other than hopefully a Mac port of 0.6.5B) for a little while.

Releases Wire VIII

Labyrinth of Reptoran v0.2.7

After receiving suggestions from r.g.r.d., Roguetemple, and one person on the Reptoran forums, I’ve updated LoR to include some of the requested features.

The Slimy Lichmummy 0.8

New things include wishes and three new level generators. Polymorphing now works for enemies. Stunning now behaves like “halved speed for a limited time” rather than “instadeath through paralysis”.

libtcod 1.1

* added the Perlin noise toolkit
* added the Field of view toolkit
* added customizable bitmap font size

DaJAngband 1.0.03

To add flavor and character to vanilla Angband. This is done mostly through redoing the monster list and adding a few new classes and races. Other changes are mainly to complement the changes in the monster list.

Unangband 0.6.2

This release was prompted by Mikolaj Konarski reminding me we should probably do a beta release at some point, and pointing out that I hadn’t added any broken features or crazy ideas in a little while. Mikolaj also reported the majority of bugs in this release, as well as fixing most of them.