ASCII Dreams Roguelike of The Year 2009

The votes are open for this years ASCII Dreams Roguelike of the Year!

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There are a lot of roguelikes this time, unsurprisingly, DoomRL leads the list, followed by Crawl, POWDER and Incursion. Vote for your favorite!

How did the roguelikes qualify?

The list was taken from the roguelike releases announced on the Rogue Basin news section between January 1st and December 19th 2009 and from the list of Actively Developing Roguelikes maintained by Jeff Lait. There are a record 99 entries this year – up from 75 the previous year.


2009 – Failure Rate of Roguelike Games Analysis

2009 Failure Rates

Mr. Jeff Lait has finished his yearly analysis of roguelike development activity!

We are doing very well for roguelike creation – five new tracked roguelikes per month, a new peak.  The new Old column, however, I think shows where some of the sense of stasis in the genre comes from.  The early increases may be due to sampling effects as existing roguelikes were largely added to the list.  But for the last three years we’ve seen a balance at about 30 roguelikes being actively worked on.

Check his analysis at this roguetemple article (or the original usenet post (Via google groups))

Releases Wire XXIX


Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.5

* New species and job: Deep Dwarf, Artificer.
* Removed three species: Gnome, Grey Elf, Ogre-Mage.
* Several cool new uniques and other monsters.
* Several great new portal vaults.
* Zombies and skeletons can no longer use stairs.
* Transformations meld equipment instead of removing it.
* Many spell ranges shortened.
* Much more useful monster descriptions.
* More convenient tiles version.


Privateer ASCII Sector

Ramming a ship will now have the same effect on it’s attitude and on your criminal record as shooting it.

Unangband 0.6.3

This is the final release of Unangband 0.6.3 “Death to the Case Statement” aka “The Projected Release”.

DaJAngband 1.0.98

Magic staffs can now get weapon bonueses and egos. Since this can cause problems with stacking, I also added a free command “&” which can remove unwanted egos and weapon bonuses from a staff to allow it to stack with others of its kind.

When Zombies Attack v0.3

Mostly some small balance tweaks and bug fixes, if you’re interested, check it out:

Unnethack 3.5.1

The main intent of this fork is to put more randomness, challenges and fun into NetHack.

Tomb of The Aztecs 1.2

Longer journey to the bottom of the tomb complex

Prospector 0.1.6b

Grab your scoutship, hunt spacepirates, gather ressources and avoid getting eaten by aliens. And try to get rich while you are at it.


TinyCurses 1.0a

My next step will probably be to port it to ncurses and pdcurses.

Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year 2008 Winners!

The gigantic poll for teh best roguelike of 2008 has finished at Ascii dreams, and the undoubted winner is…. Dungeon Crawl, Stone Soup!

This comes to no surprise as this “variant” has given Crawl, which was already one of the most popular roguelike, a new breath of life. Congratulations to all the development team!

Following are the 10 first games:

1. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup: 126 votes

2. Dwarf Fortress: 116 votes

3. Incursion: Halls of the Goblin King: 45 votes

3. DoomRL: 45 votes

5. POWDER: 30 votes

6. Legerdemain: 28 votes

7. GearHead-2: 18 votes

7. Elona: 18 votes

9. Unangband: 16 votes

10. T.o.M.E: 15 votes

Congratulations to all developers!

Releases Wire XIX

libjcsi 0.0.1

The Java Console System Interface library defines an abstract representation layer to which you can plug your roguelike projects’ user interface, and then choose from any of the implementations on start up, allowing your console game to be output in both a real console via JCurses or an emulated terminal via swing

MageGuild 0.7

Some highlights from 0.7:

-‘special’, semi-fixed rooms
-bosses and their associated fixed levels
-new item type
-fixed some mono compatibility issues
-assorted bugs and balance issues

FRogue (1st Attempt)

This is my first attempt at a rogue-like. It’s just basic rogue, not all the depth and features in nethack or angband variants or even Advanced Rogue, XRogue, UltraRogue, etc. I may try that later. I basically used this project as an opportunity to learn Flex, the (not-so) new tool from Adobe that creates a Flash file.

Cryptrover 1.1

Released about 3 months after the 1.0 version, it contains a couple of new features, bug fixes, balance tweaks & interface improvments. However, the game remains simple, and that is by design.

 – mageguild – FRogue – Cryptrover

2008 – Failure Rate of Roguelike Games Analysis

Mr. Jeff Lait has finished his yearly analysis of roguelike development activity!

The absolute numbers are equally impressive – 70 projects saw another point release in the last year. Of those, an astounding 54 were last updated in the last six months. Roguelike creation, as measured by roguelikes making it to this list, has tracked consistently at three roguelikes per month for the last five years!

Check his analysis at this roguetemple article (of the original usenet post (Via google groups))

2008 Roguelike Soundtrack Contest Entries, and Interview with Mingos

The 2008 Roguelike Soundtrack Contest entries have been published! Check out the contest homepage and vote for your favorite!

They were 15 valiant bards entering the dreadful labyrinth of the 2008 roguelike soundtrack contest. Only 8 of them survived the traps and hidden creatures. You can vote until July, 20 23:59 GMT for your favorite soundtrack

Thank you Mingos and Jice for arranging this contest. And thank you contestants for providing us with quality soundtracks!

Check the Interview with Mingos for further details!

A couple of simple applet roguelikes

Ants and DogsMr. Will Thimbleby has released two interestingly simple applet roguelikes at his weblog, the first, dubbed Ants and Dogs, is a basic roguelike which you can probably use for showing off the genre to newcomers, as it contains all a basic roguelike must contain.

Ants and Dogs 2: The revengeThe second one, Directional Ants and Dogs on the other hand, shows off interesting features such as directional FOV for both players and monsters, as well as hearing and running.

He has also released the source code for both of them as public domain, they are nicely structured and easy to read!

RogueDev Update

libTCoD 1.0

So you’re interrested in creating a C or C++ roguelike with a true color console ? Then libtcod is for you.

libtcod or “the Doryen library” is a part of the base classes used in the development of the roguelike “The Chronicles Of Doryen”.

Unangband Dungeon Generation – Part Seven

At the conclusion to part six, I touched briefly on the importance of taking a data-centric approach to game design in Unangband, and cryptically hinted at merging possible game spaces’ as a means of improving the overall game design