Papaki 0.66

Author Vasilis Zompourlis
Language C++
Platform Win
Status Beta 0.66

1700 years after the great war of the oceans, the world seems to be drawn into chaos again, the human race, once primitive beings irrelevant to the world, have become the major rulers, and the orcs, once used as battle machines, have developed intelligence and grown their own society. But now, after thousand of years, the Angels are slowly starting to wake up from the great spell that plunged them into a seemingly eternal slumber, what is happening to the world? you have lived a relative tranquil live until now, living your normal day to day existence, but things are about to change soon.

Papaki 2The first Greek roguelike, or at least it seems so. Papaki is a very solid roguelike with a lot of exciting features that, with a little more effort, could launch it into the big roguelikes soon. The first noteworthy thing is the great capabilities of exploration; there is a big world, comprised of all kind of areas including ruins, villages and capital cities with a life of their own, all of them connected by roads. You can get a lot of fun just by exploring the world and discovering their features; you will find wild communities of animals, such as gnues and savage Lions, you will also find all sort of items spreaded all over the world, which make the exploration aspect more rewarding.

The underworld is also worth exploring, with a set of interconnected caves and different dungeons.

A good point is on the monsters interaction; you will see monsters attacking each others, and predators charging against their pray. I was very surprised when I was walking around a town and suddenly it was raided by a goblin pack!

Papaki 3It has a very nice leveling system, based on training points appliable to different skill categories, for both combat, magic and survival. The item enchant system uses ‘orbs’ to define what enchantment it gets, which is neat

The game needs a bit of balancing, I was unbeatable with the gear I found on the overworld, but things are different on the underworld. A game real worth playing and apporting feedback!

More Screenshots

Papaki 6 Papaki 1Papaki 4


Fun to play and replay, there are enough races and they are all differencied.


The UI is really Neat! It uses 80×50 and you get a minimap as well as a detailed status area, autoId list and a big message scrolling panel. The appearance is helped by the use of extends ASCII symbols.


The exploration factor is nice, as well as the wild population and leveling system

There is not a whole lot of content yet because of its beta stage, but still you will find all sort of items in your way

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