War of Wizards 7DRL

Author Icey
Language C++
Platform Win
Status 7DRL
Website http://roguebasin.roguelikedevelopment.org/index.php?title=War_of_Wizards

Finally, the time of the War of Wizards has come; all of your life you have trained for this very critical moment, and even so, you feel so drastically lacking on preparation… but it is late. You grab your lemon-green cape and step on the teleporter, as lots of your friends have done before. Another battle in this sacred war, only one will survive. You start roaming the place, looking for your enemy.

War of Wizards 1Get ready for action, it is time to show who’s the best of the best, the wizard of wizards. Icey’s entry for 2007 7DRL Challenge is a simple, fun, straightforward, two player roguelike in which you get to do what you always wanted: fry, zap and burn your friends to the death!

Setting up a game could not be easier; after unzipping the game and running the executable you may choose to connect to an IP or listen for connections. If all goes well, (and it will go well, given you have your IP address and no proxies or firewalls block your way) you will be playing in no time.

For each turn, you can move 5 times and cast one from three randomly picked spells. That’s it. Forget your multi-pages keybinding help, everything is controlled from the keypad. You can also yell, bribe and weep at your enemy via a simple but effective chat interface.

War of Wizards 2Each one of the spells is unique on its effect, and include Mass Blink, Wall Demolition, Memory Erase, along with combat stuff such as the eight-directional ice rays, or the devasting fire storm.

The time has come. A dark hooded figure by the name of Slashie mets the wizard Glowie, whom breath is cold like a frozen depth. In the end, only one will stand up. They both teleport away, just so the battle starts fairly.

The battleground shakes violently as fire, frost and lighting devour its hollow corridors… two former friends, the best of their schools, finally have a chance to show who’s the most powerful. After many displays of their prowess, Glowie, the wizard, vanishes in a ray of powerful cold. Another battle is over.

Playing the game is overly fun, and the game shows a lot of potential; I have a small list of comments:
* Finding powerups in the dungeon would make levels more interesting. (as an option)
* Adding weapons would probably be interesting (as an option)
* Add wizard classes (Affects base spell list)
* Add magic equipment (Affects base spell list)
* Adding some more spells wouldn’t hurt
* All these as an option, so the server player could set up a game with certain rules


The game is simple to play, the rules are clear as is the UI. No complains here 🙂

Aesthetics & Theme

The appearance is pretty simple, but good enough to serve its purpose.

Two players turn based combat, flat learning curve, it’s all about fun.


Some stuff around the dungeon would help variety and replayability, and reward exploration.

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