The Curse

Author Donnie
Language ?
Platform Win
Status 7DRL Complete
Website Home Page

You are an archeologist which was investigating some ancient tombs, and was inadvertedly cursed while inspecting an artifact. A spirit appears in front of you and tells you that in order to get rid of the curse, you must find the antidot deep inside the tombs.

The Curse 1This game, presented as a 7DRL, gives us a short an fun experience; it is mostly a dungeon crawl, however, it requires a bit of exploration to advance between the levels, as you will have to collect the different artifacts, put them on the shelves and then look for a way for the exit.

The most noteworthy highlight of the game is the use of the lantern, an artifact with which you start but you may then lose; it really gives a creepy feeling being abandoned in the tombs without light or weapons. Also to notice is the permadeath variant, which may be a surprise the first time you get to it.

The Curse 2Combat is really easy… you will only die if you are overconfident or trapped between more than one monster.

The coolest part of the game is the ‘game of survival’ you have to play when you lose all your items and must find a way to continue.

The game still lacks a lot of contents, surely because of its 7DRL nature, but you can still have a very fun game, and a surprise in the ending.


Fun to play, but may be too easy when you are properly equiped.

Aesthetics & Theme

The UI is clean and is not overburdened, however, the dialog box messages may be annoying sometimes and it requires unnecesary user input sometimes.


It is mostly a dungeon hack. It gets some points for the exploration factor and the permadeath variant


There is a fixed item set and a monsters list, both of them too small for now.

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