Letter Hunt 7DRL

Author Jeff Lait
Language C++
Platform Linux, Win, Mac
Status 7DRL
Website http://www.zincland.com/7drl/letterhunt/

A fun game made by Jeff Lait for the second 7DRL challenge; forget about the epic quest to gather mythical artifacts or save the world from chaos; your business here is simple: the cave is full of monsters, each one representing a letter on the alphabet, you must capture all of the letters, composing words in the process seeking to obtain necessary power ups and items. To do this, you will need both luck and a defined strategy, as if you get out of letters you will have to travel to the lower dungeons, where they are harder to destroy and thus you must prepare yourself well.

Letter Hunt 1Each letter has a different associated behavior, so you will see stationary Fungus and lichen, pacific dogs, violent ants and orcs, coward rats and wall rounding ‘m’s; there is also variety on the attacks, including imp fireballs and blood sucking vampires.

Letter Hunt 2This game can be classified as part of the arcade roguelike, a subgenre of fun an innovative games that is really giving a fresh breath to the traditional dungeon hacks, exploring alternatives that will surely influence the next major roguelikes; it is very addictive, and a competition for the longest word was issued not much after its initial release. It is hard to pass the 6 letters limit, but there is people that has assembled more than 10 letters words, and it is kind of an additional challenge to just getting the necessary powerups.

Letter Hunt 3The game is available for linux, mac and windows, and is pretty solid in the technical apartment; the first time I saw news about this game, I thought it was about getting ‘letters’ (as in mail letters, paper with messages, sealed envelopes, etc) but it turned out to be something completely different!


Can be played again and again. May get a bit hard on the latter levels. UI is very clean, although some references to the ingame help are mandatory sometimes.

Aesthetics & Theme

The game is very well presented


Fun idea, good implementation


All of the alphabet letters! :p

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