The Rougelike

Author Timofei Shatrov
Language CommonLisp
Platform Win
Status 7DRL
Website Home Page

An entry for the second 7DRL challenge; this game is a satirical look at the job of the admin of the ‘rougelike’ section of the wikipedia. Your job is to do the highest quantity of ‘admin actions’ which include banning vandals, rolling back vandalized articles, deleting junk articles and userboxes, welcoming noobs, etc. You can use verbal agression or your ban-hammer against another users.

The Rougelike 1The game is played inside one only cave-like level, users get in and out at random places and you move around your admin looking for vandals, junk articles and annoying noobs.

One thing that is really missed are spambots, the threat to the sanity of any wiki admin, also nice would be to see the titles of the articles randomly picked from an external list.

The Rougelike 2The startup is very slow and the game runs very sluggy; it also has a weird setup. This is all because of the development platform, which is not commonly used for this kind of tasks. It can be a bit annoying but still doesnt prevent you from playing the game


It may get a bit tiring after playing some sessions, partly due to the repetitiveness of actions.

Aesthetics & Theme

The lack of LOS and the multicolored icons make the game look fruit-saladish sometimes… it is chaotic, but what did you expect from a wikipedia change log? 🙂

One of the only ‘metatask’ roguelikes (similar to MyAdom in that regard). Very funny.


There doesnt seem to be room for more content. Only spambots are missing

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