InDev: Kharne!

The new KharneKharne is the name of a Delphi roguelike which was being developed a very long time ago. I stumbled uppon it in my so called ‘roguelike collector age’, which was like 5 years ago.

That was the past, I am relieved and excited to see its developer, known as the Crowley’s Cat, has decided to give the game a second shot (after a LONG time), and is working on a much evolved and mature version of his game! he has also set up an interesting blog in which its features are being discussed!

While the newest version is being developed, you cant still check out the latest version of Old Kharne, downloadable from his blogsite!

Further info at

Old Kharne

InDev: Umbrarum Regnum


shotwilderness-full.jpgI keep contact from time to time with european roguelike developer Mingos, whom has just recently launched a googlepage about his project: Umbrarum Regnum; while the project is still under development, it is shaping along nicely!

UR is powered by the evergrowing in popularity Jice’s libtcod library and its main influence seems to be ADoM; the project is ambitious but is on the right path to the release.

More info at


Legerdemain: A Tale Fraught with Peril and Wonder is a interesting unique roguelike project under development.

Legerdemain 1Confused and memory-less, you wake up at a morbid prison cell, where are you? who are you? in time you will discover, exploring prisons, dungeons and a very detailed overworld.

Legerdemain is an epic adventure within the hallucinogenic realm of Phenomedom. You assume the role of an imprisoned dissenter seeking to learn the nature of your captivity. In doing so you shall uncover a vast conspiracy full of morbid secrets and ancient puzzles. Only by enlisting the aid of allies past and unearthing the remains of ancient cultures can you hope to solve the mystery of Legerdemain.

Focus of legerdemain is on story, along the game you will be collecting “paragraphs”, you can also check the local lore everytime to know where you are. The game is pretty detailed and complex, featuring backpack management, wounds, detailed environments and items, and anovel spell casting system (rituals)

While it is still being developed, it already contains an interesting world you can travel in and discover different places, cities and towns. You can also chat with the population in a much more depth fashion than in most roguelikes.

Legerdemain 2On the tech side, the game is written in Java and can be run via Java Web Start which is interesting. The game makes use of an emulated console and lots of unicode characters, yet another unusual thing for a roguelike.

I was glad to hear from Nathan Jerpe, creator of the game, that the project was being put back into production; this roguelike-IF hybrid will sure give more to talk within the next months.

Visit the official website for further info  and downloads

Fist of the North Star RL (Hokuto No Rogue)

Hokuto No RogueBrowsing youTube for roguelike videos I found this interesting and pretty not well-known roguelike project! Based on the Hokuto No Ken manga, it features special moves, music and special graphics effects, allies, as well as a theme adaptation all fans will love.

Hokuto no Rogue is a roguelike set in the world of Hokuto no Ken. The game is entirely written in Java and powered by GTGE library. It requires Java 5 or higher. The source code will be released under the GNU license.

Part 1 video, featuring a top down 2D view looks pretty nice, the last one implements isometric graphics

Browse the project forums to encourage the author to work on it!

Hokuto no Rogue Screenshot