InDev: Kharne!

The new KharneKharne is the name of a Delphi roguelike which was being developed a very long time ago. I stumbled uppon it in my so called ‘roguelike collector age’, which was like 5 years ago.

That was the past, I am relieved and excited to see its developer, known as the Crowley’s Cat, has decided to give the game a second shot (after a LONG time), and is working on a much evolved and mature version of his game! he has also set up an interesting blog in which its features are being discussed!

While the newest version is being developed, you cant still check out the latest version of Old Kharne, downloadable from his blogsite!

Further info at

Old Kharne

2 thoughts on “InDev: Kharne!

  1. Thanks for the mention and the blurb. Though I’ve not went by the moniker “Crowley’s Cat” for about 7 years now. My real name is available on the Kharne blog if you really really really *really* want to use it though *grins*.



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