Author Micromoog
Language CommonLisp
Platform Win
Status 1DRL Stable
Website None

A surprising entry on the second 7DRL contest; I don’t know if the intention of the author was to make a real game or just prove that a roguelike could be done in LISP, but in the end, what we have is a very fun and simple game, which may lack some use friendliness, but once you get into it, it is pure fun!

Zombies! ScreenshotZombies! depicts you as the disgraced inhabitant of a world overran by evil zombies; as the only survivor you decide to get all the gold left by the persons who have been eaten already by the undead horde. Off course, they are all after you, and you have no way to defend yourself but run to the exit, and perhaps confuse them a bit by stepping into the high tech teleporters (c), located randomly on the different stages.

Zombies! Screenshot 2On the technical side, we find that the screen refreshes fully with every step; the movement is mapped to the Vim keyset, which may be a bit annoying if you are not used to it, and the game is monochromatic. All this is countered by the fact that the game was made in just one day, and in a non cannon dev environment.

A pretty interesting arcade/puzzle roguelike, which would be neat if some improvements were made onto its UI, which is unlikely due to the development platform.


Not too ‘deep’, so after you know the tricks it gets a lot easie, pretty harsh for the newcomer because of its UI; a shame as it would be a nice prelude to the RL genre.


Not very cute :), white over black, simplistic levels, no effects.


A real coffeebreak roguelike, combination of arcade and rpg elements


No need to add anything else.

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