CastlevaniaRL: Serenade of Chaos

CvRL in graphics modeVersion 1.26 of CastlevaniaRL, the roguelike based on the Castlevania series, has been released.

From the author’s website:

There are LOTS of changes from 1.25… you have missed a lot if you havent tracked the playtesting versions!

* Each character class now has a skill advancement tree and increases his skills on levelup. No more spirit fusion
* New Skills: Item Crashes and Soul Powers for Vampire Killer, Morphs for Renegade and Manbeast, Summons for the Invoker, new Spells for the Vanquisher and Shielding for Knights
* Lots of UI Improvements and fixes
* Lots of new items, Sun/Moon Cards, Orbs of return, weapons and artifacts. Shields
* Item modifiers
* Level generators improved, dungeon generator included
CvRL in console mode* Automap
* Plot Scenes
* Hidden Stages, new bosses
* Char Dump
* Item sounds
* Fight with Solieyu Belmont and a way to save him
* Extended look mode
* Swimming
* Teleport Statues
* Morphing madness
* Phases of the day
* Blue nightime
* Enhanced inventory screen allows using items

The game is intended to be easy to play yet enjoyable and challenging, browse to the official website to get it.

CastlevaniaRL: Serenade of Chaos
Developer: Slash
Licence: Freeware
Status: 1.26 Beta

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