As the time of the 7DRL Challenge drew near,
more and more bandit 7DRLs showed up.
They were three, now they are four…
… when will this madness stop?

Crown of the Forest, by Numeron:

“Deep in the forest is a magical crown driving the usually peaceful alphabet monsters into fits of jealous rage. It is up to you to get it from them, and try to keep it. When the timer is up, if you have won the most time with the crown, the forest will be safe.”

ASCIIWar, by Samel Luchino

“You are the RAM controller. The RAM values are gone crazy. KILLTHEM ALL before the CPU crashes! If you manage to kill @ the fake RAM controller then all ascii will follow your rules
Remember to collect chips and that the ram change very often.


Mines of Elderlore by Altefcat

“You are a young hero and to prove your strength, you decide to clean the mines nearby your native village. Only armed with your training sword, you enter a maze of rooms and corridors.”

Other things noteworthy:

Mr. Eyenot tried to pull his own 7DRL out, but went overboard and “failed”, for now

Deveah released Fridge, a 1DRL

4 thoughts on “Rogue 7DRLs II: Revolutions (ARE YOU READY FOR THE GREAT WAR?)

  1. Push enter to use stairs in fridge, rather than the signs used in most roguelikes.

    Crown of the forest is a unique little game. It’s not really balanced, but it’s original. I think it’s similar in spirit to King of MyHyup.

    I haven’t tried the other two.


  2. Well my main method of detecting keystrokes in Fridge can only detect single keystrokes, while other methods support multikeystrokes but are considerably slower so that’s why it’s ENTER.


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