The 2009 7DRL Challenge is over!

And so it was that 45 brave challengers entered the fifth seven day roguelike challenge!

Of those, 25 returned alive, claiming to have a finished and playable game… Now it is your turn to judge!

The Newcomers (First 7DRL Challenge)

Experienced (2 7DRL Challenges)

Gentleman (3+ 7DRL Challenges)

Check the games and give them feedback on the roguetemple forums!

11 thoughts on “The 2009 7DRL Challenge is over!

  1. Here are a few quick reviews on the ones I’ve tried so far:

    Dungeon minder is really clever! I liked it!

    Jacob’s Matrix was really unique. Like Jeff’s previous 7drl games, it showed that a lot of work went into it. It was, however, very confusing, involving random dungeons that change as you travel through them, portals, a (real time) time limit, and somehow in a way I don’t understand the whole thing is based on jacobian matrices. I got most of the way through (to the “Implausible” level). Anyway, for helping people understand the game, the red flame is your life, and the blue flame is your magic. Choosing your character’s behavior seems to only affect what types of items they’ll take. For example, a fighter would be more likely to take an unwieldy but damaging weapon, whereas a tourist would prefer something more balanced.

    Expedition seemed interesting as well, but I couldn’t figure out how to accomplish anything beyond my own death due to starvation.

    Chickhack was hard to get going, since you needed a c64 emulator, and the keybindings were hard for me to deal with, so I didn’t get too far into it.

    Fruits of the forest was simple, and based a lot on luck, but I still thought it was enjoyable.


  2. Alright, here’s part 2 of games I tried:

    Excitable Digger is about mining for money to support your family before you die to a terminal disease. It’s an interesting idea, but the game lacks strategy, and it ended exactly the same way when I died with $15,000 as I did with basically nothing, so the problems are that the game lacks strategy, and it takes a long time to get anywhere.

    Pink Ninja disappointed me with its apparent lack of pink ninjas.

    The favored was pretty funny. There’s a little strategy to it, but for the most part it’s just there as a joke.

    True god was strange. It seemed like a pretty vanilla roguelike, but between every level you’re asked what the RNG (random number god) is thinking, and I *think* your response determines what the next level is like. I’m not sure though. It seemed hard, or maybe it was random and luck based, which would fit its theme.

    Persist is a game of wilderness survival. Use ‘g’et rather than ‘p’ickup to gather things. Stagnant water will quench your thirst, but you’ll get water poisoning from it eventually.

    Lastly, Epic! Monster Quest: Hyper is something like an ascii based RTS that lets you pause it and take things one step at a time, if you would like to.


  3. Hey, everyone, I’m sorry, I know at this point I’m basically spamming the comments section here, but I have to say: DDRogue, despite its unassuming name, is amazing. I don’t want to spoil anything, but basically you level up by collecting certain items rather than getting kills, and the special abilities you use in combat are unique and really cool. They’re sort of like fighting game combos.


  4. Congrats guys. Would be interested in a list of the best efforts of 7DRL so I can try those first.

    BTW Slash I found this Rouge/RPG java game recently, really free, also they have a really good highnoon remake (C64!) that is better than the original (as it should be)


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