Releases Wire XXXII

It’s been a long time, as usual 🙂


iSword of Fargoal

Well, after a quarter of century, I’m proud to announce a brand new incarnation of Sword of Fargoal.

Dungeon Crawl 0.5.2

…with many bugfixes and better Mac OS X support


Thanks go to Jonathan Buchanan for porting POWDER to the Wii! Whee!


Triangle Wizard 7.04

Yes, a new update finally!

GearHead2 0.613

You start out with the ability to take on one lancemate; you can gain up to two more slots by completing quests in your hometown.

CastlevaniaRL 0.61

After more than 2 years, a new version of CastlevaniaRL is available! also, now you can play the game without installing Java, as it includes a self extracting temporary VM.

3069 3D.4

Now you can start a new player with preset super-powers (just for fun). Includes “Predator”, “Alien”, “Hulk” and “Nightcrawler”

Nazghul 0.7.0

Obviously, the emphasis is not on graphics or first-person squad-based stealth action.

Papaki 085

This is a new version I am working on, it is not complete (towns and villages are empty), but while I have not much time to add more things these days, I’ll give it to you and see the changes.

Deliantra 2.91

What makes this game special is its depth and the sheer amount of maps to explore: The world is vast (multiple continents, over 4000 manually designed maps, hundreds of monsters and countless variations of generated content) and complex (16 unique races, 17 classes, 40 skills and hundreds of spells to choose from and combine with each other), so there is a lot to explore.

Brogue 1.0.1

Your goal is to travel to the 26th subterranean floor of the dungeon, retrieve the Amulet of Yendor and return with it to the surface. For the truly skillful who desire further challenge, depths below 26 each contain three lumenstones — items which confer no benefit except an increased score upon victory.


NLarn 0.5.1

NLarn tries to maintain the atmosphere and story of the original game while improving the gameplay by using state-of-the-art roguelike technology and a simplified user interface.

Interhack 2.1.31

Multiplayer variant of Nethack.

6 Days Later

The gameplay revolves around defending a cellar door from zombie attack.

Plantforce 7DRL

Plants that have different features, which mutate in subsequent generations

MageCrawl Tech Demo

I have a blog that I’ve been updating with thoughts on roguelikes, progress, and random c# trivia as I come upon it.

Prospector 0.1.8d

It is still far from bug free, but it at least isn’t buggier than the last version

EnemyX 0.01

EnemyX is a turn based roguelike game with ascii graphics. The gameplay is similar to the Gollop brothers Lasersquad, Rebelstar and UFO/Xcom games.

DreamHack 0.2c

Specifically, this version can now run on 64-bit Windows 7!


XONG 1.2

XONG is pronounced “zong” and programmed entirely in Common Lisp.

StarMass Alpha

In true Dungeon Crawl fashion, the focus of the game is on defeating large numbers of hostile fleets and gathering vast amounts of wealth and loot, without any complex storyline or multiple quests getting in the way of the fighting


libtcod 1.4.3b1

Don’t think it doesn’t worth upgrading because 1.4.2 is only one month old.


The Den

Lost in RPG Design

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