An “Annual Roguelike Release Party” draws near

The first “Annual Roguelike Release Party” draws near! from roguebasin:

Too many roguelikes can languish with half-fixed features. If we can, once a year, ensure our roguelikes are polished and updated, we can avoid this trap.

All active roguelike developers are encouraged to release an update to their roguelikes on the appropriate date in September.

A simultaneous release will:

  • provide moral support as we struggle with resurrecting code we left in an untenable state three months earlier
  • encourage developers to release at least yearly through the wonders of deadlines
  • celebrate the size and vibrancy of our community

This years’ ARRP will take place on September 19th, announce your participation on the roguebasin article! (or not :D).


3 thoughts on “An “Annual Roguelike Release Party” draws near

  1. I talked with Slash about creating some articles about the ARRP2010 releases and we’ll be working on that in the next weeks. For now, there’s my lengthy conversation with Jice about our contribution, Umbra. Stay tuned for more.


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