The 2011 7DRL Challenge is Coming!

The 2011 7DRL Challenge, March 5 to 13

The 2011 7DRL Challenge Logo, by Nik Coughlin
Logo by Nik Coughlin

The time has almost come! Gather all your strengths and build a roguelike, be it your first one or your next one.

A good roguelike is an expression of pure gameplay: as a developer you can turn your ideas into games for the people to enjoy, without the constraints of 3d modeling or expensive graphics creation.

Developing a roguelike also allows you to portrait a theme within the limitations of abstract or simple gfx output, but having imagination as a tool to recreate infinite environments and stories

Summon your indie gamedev friends, be they roguedevs or not for this, the annual roguelike development party!

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6 thoughts on “The 2011 7DRL Challenge is Coming!

  1. Sorry to be wittering on about links, as your blog and its posts are worth reading without them. Is there a definitive link for this? I tried searching for it the other day and didn’t manage to find anything, other than a page perhaps on roguetemple which referred to 2010, the google groups which are inaccessible to me and someone mentioning a facebook group. Please don’t tell me that you need to use facebook to get on top of this compo now? Unfortunately, I will be indisposed for the competition anyway so won’t be able to enter it again.


  2. I’m glad that it ended up on the week I get back from my business trip so I can participate again! (I assume this was the option 3 on RGRD?) Either way, can’t wait. Hopefully we have some more great entries this year.


  3. I am going to make an awesome roguelike! I am developing an engine on top of libtcod, which I will use for the competition. (I will release the sorce It will be awesome!


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