7DRL Celebration and GDC meetup at Roguenet

There have been two further events using roguenet, the first one happened on July 8 with the occasion of the 7DRL reviewing committee finally finishing their reviewing work; the top 12 games by average score where showcased at the temple at another 1 day long celebration, similar to the previous 7DRL Expo.

For this event I managed to add a simple geocaching game, as well as a small but needed feature to know when one person was typing, to prevent awkward typing silences where you didn’t know if the conversation had died already (especially needed because of the private hangouts)

Sometime later, July 21 2021, I decided to use roguenet as a virtual venue for the yearly GDC roguelike meetup; this time I managed to include a big change in the chat feature for experimentation; the private hangouts where replaced with a “shout” kind of interface, where you didn’t have to start and join them but rather could hear whatever nearby people (within your sight) was saying.

In the end it seems a mixture of both conversation systems will be the best; we will only know until next event. I will continue developing roguenet for future events. If you are curious or want to help, you can always check the repo.

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