The 7DRL Challenge 2008 has started!

Following the 7DRL phenomenon pre 7DRL challenge (6 projects), 11 developers (for now) have decided to jump into the challenge! this, is their history.

RogueTCG (or possibly RoguEMon!) by Lochok

My goal is to write the RogueTCG (Trading card game) – in which the goal will be to use your RoguEMon cards (your RoguEMen as it were) to battle your way through the foyer, sales and administration to confront the CEO to have your custom card produced.

Simple Flash Rogue by failRate

I intend to make a super-simple Rogue-like in Flash that will save game state both locallly and on a remote server, so I can play at home or away. The latest version will always be found at

Return to Sorsaria by Krice

This game is set in alternative reality where The Avatar died, sadly. The player jumps into Sosaria through moon gate and finds a world full of hostile creatures.

TrapRogue by Nate

You’ll have to get an artifact from the dungeon and evade lots of traps. I’ll let you be surprised about the rest 🙂

Rogue Batallion by Ed Kolis

My concept is “Rogue Battalion” – it’s a roguelike in a modern warfare setting, where “Captain @” is the commander of an army battalion. The main unique feature is that of Vehicles

Faterhood by Jeff Lait

The name of the game is “Fatherhood”

SomethingWithZombies by Mr. Red Sunshine

Don’t yet know the goal or the proper Theme. Something with Zombies, biological weapons, a mysterious corporation and an accident. Zombies don’t require much ai 😉

chrysalis by sinoth

The general game concept is that you start as a weak insect-like creature (I invision it as a zergling (COPYRIGHT BLIZZARD)) and you must destroy the military bases of humans that have invaded your planet.
Gameplay will revolve around destroying fortified bases randomly scattered on a generated world. There will be no dungeon levels up and down, but instead one large map that you can traverse seamlessly.

Unnamed by chukGren

Basically, it will be a forced fight to the death between some number of combatants in a play area that gets smaller as time elapses. The catch is that the combatants all knew each other beforehand so some of them are reluctant to attack others… and they will only start doing so past some psychological tipping point (time, people attacking them, damage, etc).

Undisclosed by Slash

I have started coding my roguelike.
Actually, I havent… but the time is running already, isnt it? 🙂

Unnamed by Nick Beam

I started a couple hours ago. It’s loosely based in the Magi-Nation universe, a trading card game and game boy game from ~2001. I’m using my Tarn ( engine to build it. I’m still not sure about the exact story or point of the game, but I’m sure it’ll come to me by the time I finish the subsystems. :<

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