First 1KBRL Challenge Entries: Fur Hunter

Source CodeFur Hunter
Author: Jakub Debski
Links: Homepage
Language: C++

Slash, a warrior of the XXVIIY Roman Legion, finds an ancient temple during an expedition to the barbarian lands. Decided, he steps into, only to find out it is filled with a horde of angry wolves. Knowing that wolf fur is teh thing in Rome, he tries out his luck by beating different races of evil wolves, down to the 7th level.

Mr. Debski second entry to the 1KBRL Challenge, first submited as a 1.1KB RL and shrinked to the limit thanks to the power of r.g.r.d. It is technically impressive, having implemented a working FOV algorithm, non-trivial enemies with varying strength and random level generation.

Down with da wolves

The challenge there is knowing when to fight and when to run, however excess of healing packs makes things a bit too easy.

Gameplay: A bit repetitive, but playable
Technical Highlights: It has almost everything one can add in 1KB of code, two thumbs up!

7 thoughts on “First 1KBRL Challenge Entries: Fur Hunter

  1. Technically, pretty awesome!

    But yeah, the gameplay is rather boring. I wonder if you could manage to cram a max hitpoint level in there.


  2. This 1KBRL has been only about technical limits. I’ve been pretty proud of it until I saw A Journey To Hell by Jakub Wasilewski. Hats off to him πŸ™‚


  3. I’m almost dead for roguelike development and had time only for 1 day roguelikes like this one. After work I’m usually too tired to write Xenocide. Unfortunately the game is not popular enough to attract programmers who could help me… Xenocide is still important for me and one day I will start to work on it full-time πŸ™‚


  4. Okay, well that’s encouraging to hear at least. πŸ™‚ Sad that your work leaves you too dead tired to do much else, though. It’s still a gem to me as well so if you ever get the chance to get back to it, give me a buzz. πŸ™‚


  5. HI!

    Nice Game. The numeric keys seems to work completly different (8 = left, 2 = down, 6 = down, 4 = up).
    If you don’t mind, I would like to port furhunter to the c64 using the cc65-compiler @ , but I have some problems to understand the code (as the compiler): “;a*a>4&&x*y&&x^23&&y^23?L=B?f=x,i=y,46:B/9?97+B/(d+2):43:0;”.
    Can you give me some hints, what the if-expression could look like?



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