Berlin International Roguelike Development Conference 2008

And so it was that several roguedevs met at the historical city of Berlin for the first IRDC on September 2008. There were not many, but it is quality which matters, and we are looking forward for future events.

You can download the videos and related material at

These are some of the presentations:

  • Christopher Brandt: How not to write a roguelike – a review of his own experience trying to write DungeonHunter contrasted with his success on Aviel’s Stand
  • Ido Yehieli: Description of facing-based field of view, hearing radii, and their impact on UI and gameplay.
  • Jeff Lait: Survey of different methods of discretization and its gameplay implications.
  • Radomir: Introduction to Python as an effective roguelike platform with examples from Z-Day.
  • David Ploog: Remarks on Roguelike Design (Not Coding)
  • Mario Donick: Symbolism on roguelikes

The so-called “Cabal of Elite Roguelikers” also announced an official roguelike re-definition, “The Berlin Interpretation”,  based on the current roguetemple definition; you can read and discuss it here

Have fun watching the videos!


5 thoughts on “Berlin International Roguelike Development Conference 2008

  1. About gossip I don’t know, but I was only there at Saturday.

    I liked the “academic conference” feeling, because it made us think deeper about many aspects of roguelikes. The concept of talks and discussions worked very well — and it felt very important 😉 The talks of the others helped me in my current development, and my talk and the discussion about it helped me also in my non-roguelike scientific progress. So if we repeat IRDC in 2009, we should have presentations again.

    The great thing was that everybody had some good thoughts, and that it was recognizable that the people there have a passion for rogulikes — from different perspectives, but all respectable.


  2. My presentation was actually about stealth, facing and hearing range are just ways to implement it.

    Anyway, soon the edited videos as well as videos of the 2nd days will be made available.


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