Releases Wire XXVIII


Privateer: AscII Sector v0.5.2

Added Brilliance and Ultimate drugs to manipulate time usage when in Combat Mode (can currently only be acquired by stunning or killing a character that is carrying Brilliance or Ultimate).

Wayfarer v5.23.09

Meandering goats and drunks will still occasionally hit your town portals, but much less often. Removed misleading “sell this item” text for items not wanted by certain shops. Added option screen to reduce keymap clutter. Includes some new options: sound and gore.

Triangle Wizard v5.06

Starting from spell level 21, Summon Demonic Servant now has a chance to summon a greater demon. Beware though as the demon’s disposition is not guaranteed.

Peleron’s Briliant Rebirth v0.106

This is a “skills” release that implements most missing skills (whereas the previous version implemented most of the missing spells).

MageGuild v1.4.1

Have a great idea for a monster or an item that you think the game is missing? Create it as a mod, add it in. Want to see how other players fare against your most devious mazes? Build a scenario for them to test themselves against.

Mines of Morgoth v1.0

This is meant to be the stable version and marks the availability of the full version available for digital retail for the first time.

GumBand v2.3.1

If you haven’t tried 2.3.0, this version should be a better presentation of the changes that were there (new and revised races, a good number of monster and item changes, overhaul of mutations and increased number of mutations possible, etc.)

Elona v1.16final

Download Elona 1.16final (about 27MB) Platform: windows xp,vista

RogueTouch v1.5

Rogue Touch is based on several variants of the orginal Rogue, but written from the ground up to take advantage of the touch screen and graphics capabilities of the iPhone.

DungeonMinder v0.8

I am supremely honoured at the amount of downloads and feedback that was given for my 7DRL release, and I have strove to implement as many suggestions as possible with this release.

SaneRoguelike (.Net distributable)

Three races, everyone gets a rapier, a torch and mail. However, there is no inventory management. Going down and up stairs is fully implimented. Watch out for the arrow traps.

When Zombies Attack v0.2

When Zombies Attack! is a survival-horror roguelike game. The goal is to get to the top of the building and get rescued by the waiting helicopter. You can choose taller buildings for harder games.

Prospector v0.1.5f

(I)nspect command repairs ships and gathers biodata from corpses and plants.

Tomb of the Aztecs v1.0

Recent tectonic activity in central America has unearthed Very Old Things under New Mexico, the site of the ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan.

As a jetsetting plunderer of historic artefacts, you were taking some ill-deserved R’n’R down in New Mexico at the time, and just so happened to be sipping tequila outside a seedy terrace cafe when the ground around you fractured and the air was torn with the sickening noise of yielding rock and earth.

As plumes of dust began to billow up from the fissure, you had the presence of mind to whip out your trusty iPhone. A quick trip to Wikipedia confirmed your suspicions – you were surely standing above the tomb of legendary warrior Popocatepetl.

Dimension Dungeon v0.51

In Dimension Dungeon you play a warrior trapped in a dungeon-like pocket dimension and have to fight your way down to the bottom of the dungeon and confront the creator of this pocket dimension.

Releases Wire XXVII


Mines of Morgoth 0.90

Final release coming soon.

Triangle Wizard 5.05

It took some time, but here it is! This update features six new spells, over 90 new creatures (some of which may deal supernatural damage), many new traps and even a few new unique monsters.

Privateer ASCII Sector

When you save an ejected pilot and take him/her to a base, you’ll now also receive a random amount of credits (beyond having your standing with the pilot’s faction increased).

Invader Tactics

You are a human infiltrating an enemy installation populated by psychotic robots.

Blast Tactics

Blast Tactics is a mini space-roguelike puzzler incorporating elements of the classic Asteroids,


Wayfarer 4.12.09

Ironically, despite my long-term goal of less violent options (diplomacy, non-fatal combat, etc.), the game is currently so bloody and twisted it makes me cringe.  In delight.  I’m only human.

Downfall 0.3

Downfall has many features common in Roguelike games, and also has some unusual features.

Expedition 0.1.6

Probably the easiest way to describe Expedition is that it’s (kind of) like Colonization meets Seven Cities of Gold meets ADoM.

Pyromancer 0.1.2

The gameplay didn’t move a iota. It’s a polish-only release.

RealtimeRL 0.3

My roguelike has been completely rewritten from scratch.

Zot Defense 0.1

You begin on Zot:5; monsters are generated in waves, swarming in from the upstairs. You must prevent the monsters from reaching the Orb of Zot, which you may not pick up or apport.

Angband/65 0.0.1

There are two reasons I’m doing this. For the programming practice and to make it open source

Kharne 0.01e

An interim release

Peleron’s Brilliant Rebirth 0.105

It’s been around 2 years since I last released anything related to Peleron. I have not buried PBR (Peleron’s Brilliant Rebirth) — it’s just been real life taking its toll.

SpiritsRL 0.4.21

Now instead of stupid generated levels one of templates is used. Levels are smaller, everyone is faster, everything should be much more fun.

Nyctos 1.0.1

The game revolves heavily around tactical situations related to light.

Prospector 0.1.3

Megacorporations employ freelance prospectors to find exploitable resources and map unknown planets for them. The player commands one of those scoutships, trying to become filthy rich as a prospector.

MetaCollider Beta 7

This is the last release for a while, if not forever.


ASCII-Paint 0.3

This version has many new features and improvements, including some related to RL development.

ASCII-Draw 8

Try out room, corridor and outdoor designs without having to code them.

Serf Engine 0.5

The engine was created based on the source code of some years-tested roguelikes, including CastlevaniaRL, DrashRL and ZeldaRL, and thus is relatively stable on the moment of its conception.


RLX is a Common Lisp graphical roguelike engine

libtcod 1.4.1

Well it’s rather a non-news…

Umbra Engine 0.1

It’s meant to be a base for building new roguelike engines, not a game

Releases Wire XXVI


Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.4.5.

It can be played online; see and The latter server also allows you to peek into the gameplay changes in trunk (the cool, new stuff).

Privateer ASCII Sector 0.4.7

When a fixer or wingman has left his chair due to a fight breaking out, he will now stay inside the bar and will in time sit down again when the fight is over.

WarpRogue 0.8.0b

General Guderian now offers the Iron gate mission until you *really* reject it.

crashRun 0.3.0

The main new feature is cyberspace as an area that can be explored. When you jack into a terminal, instead of getting a menu of options, you instead can enter cyberspace


Gruesome 0.0.3

It is pitch black.  You are likely to eat someone…

Downfall 0.2

This release adds multiple dungeon levels and items.

AmoebaRL 0.2

You play as an amoeba that decided to grow eating others

Tomb of Radwin

Amulet of Yendor / Rodney…
Wizardry / Trebor + Werdna…
Rawdin.. Darwin.. only the strong survive…
blah. cheesy I know.

Faeries’ Lair 7DRL

I have tried to make the game experience varied by designing monsters to be qualitatively different from each other; nearly every one has a special ability or behaviour

Settlement 1.3

After a long travel your group of settlers finished a basic settlement. The land seems to be very hostile. The next group of colonists will arrive after a month, therefore you have to last 30 days. Keep at the end as much money as possible.


CL-TCOD has bindings for maybe 75% of tcod functions. All the console stuff, fonts, mouse, colours, images are in (I think).

ASCII-Paint 0.2

This version adds some features which make it easier to make and edit drawings.

Triangle Wizard 4.01

Sacred Wrath, Cold Breath, Fire Breath and Acid Stream can now hit flying creatures starting from a certain spell level.

Releases Wire XXV

It’s been a long time (…long time long time…) we shouldn’t have left you left you…


Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.4.4

Finally officially fixing bugs that have long since been put to rest on CAO and CDO. Some important bugs have been fixed, as were a number of less important ones, and there are also a few other small tweaks.

GearHead2 v0.532

GearHead2, the only roguelike game in which you can be a lawyer and a pirate at the same time, has just passed a big milestone.

Mines of Morgoth v0.76

Explore randomly-created dungeons filled with magic items and over 200 different monsters.

Privateer: Ascii Sector v0.4.6

The holidays have given me a bit of extra free time to work on Ascii Sector, so here’s a new version with some bugfixes and new features, v0.4.6

LambdaRogue 1.4

Usually I do not tend to exaggerate, but this time I’m very proud to announce the most important update of LambdaRogue since the 0.3 beta.

The Doryen arena 0.8

Face dozens of different creatures, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, choose your weapons and skills and pray to survive up to the next tournament level…


Goblin Hack is the world’s first and probably last smooth-scrolling, ASCII-graphics-based, OpenGL accelerated, rogue-like dungeon game.

MageGuild 1.2

Has a number of bug fixes, including a couple crashes and some Mono compatibility issues.

SewerJacks 0.8.7d

This release is getting it closer to a more polished game.  Many thanks to all for the great feedback.

Martin’s Dungeon Bash v1.7

This is strictly a bug-fix release relative to version 1.6.

Hokuto No Rogue 0.4.0

Enjoy 😉


Get Out!

I have been wanting to use YAFRLP as a post title for months.


This has one major difference to most roguelikes in that it runs in realtime.  The game is substantially different to most other roguelikes because of this.

Teemu 1.0

It’s my first roguelike.

Void Mision Zero

I’m pleased to announce Void Mission Zero, a sci-fi graphical roguelike written in Common Lisp. It is in early alpha but roughly playable.

Downfall 0.1

I have released version 0.1 of Downfall, my hexagonal roguelike. It runs on Windows and Linux, and it also works with Wine.

Letrain 4.0

Now with a language, to describe your maps and rails, and respond to events with sensors and semaphores.


Probably the easiest way to describe Spelunky is that its (kind of) like La Mulana meets Nethack – every time you play the levels, items, monsters, and so forth, are all procedurally-generated.  And the terrain is destructible and there are quite a few ways in which the various game elements can interact with one another.


Deep Deadly Dungeons 1.0

Deep Deadly Dungeons was a roguelike made for the Rogue Compo by Rick Clark (aka rdc).

Releases Wire XXIV

libjcsi 0.0.2

libjcsi allows you to develop your Java roguelike to interact with an abstract console layer, from which you can later choose a concrete implementation on deployment. This means you forget about IO and concentrate on developing your game!

LambdaRogue 1.3

This version introduces some features which make the gameplay more interesting, although most things are known from other roguelikes

Z+Angband 0.3.0

This revision is a substantial one: the magic system has been changed and substantially expanded. Briefly, players will now have to choose the spells they want to learn, rather than being able to eventually learn every spell available.

noegnud 0.8.5

This release is a bugfix and engine update release.

Releases Wire XXIII

SewerJacks 0.8.7

The season over, you have been told in no uncertain terms that you will not be needed next season. Where do you go? What do you do? Football is all you know. You go where all unwanted footballers go, you go to the sewers.

MetaCollider Beta 6

Entelechy changes take place immediately, so you know exactly what items have what effect on your progress in the game

MageGuild 1.0
I am proud to announce the first non-beta release of my roguelike game, MageGuild. It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride, but we’re finally here; big thanks to everyone who helped me test the beta versions.

libtcod 1.4.1b2

Check the full changelog on the library homepage

GearHead2 0.520

The core story has been expanded with two new episodes of the BeanPole campaign plus one bonus episode. A large number of mecha have been added, including many updated GH1 models for the Pro Duelist Association and new battroids for the Red Mask Raiders and MUGL Enterprises. Oh, and there’s also the general production model of the Gladius, in case anyone’s interested.

Rogue83 0.6

After over a month of waiting for it to be approved onto, a most terrible fate befell me. My batteries died!

Unreal World 3.11b

Introducing for example: tile-graphics overhaul including overlapping, trap-system overhaul, improved NPC behaviour/communication/AI

Legerdemain 1.0.0

There’s never been a better time to give it a try.

Hokuto No Rogue 0.3.0

– Added Kazan Kogai Koho technique. Absorbs all damage.
– Added Suieishin technique. The character learns the attack he has been hit with.
– Added Goshi Retsu Dan technique. Explodes opponent hands.


The game is called Twilight and is a multiplayer roguelike.  That’s right, you can start a new character, grab some friends, and go adventuring across a pretty large world killing all kinds of monsters and collecting a wide variety of items.

Releases Wire XXI

The Horde (2KBRL)

The other people at the table are so engrossed in one of Kronus Maelor(“the Evil High Chancellor”)’s stories, that they don’t notice the king’s predicament. But you, realizing the magnitude of the situation, perform a royal Heimlich maneuver on his highness, saving his life.

GearHead2 0.504

This version fixes a number of bugs, including the tactics mode lockup and the problems with Yatate Spinner. There are also several new capabilities added to the plot generator.

Joseph Hewitt 2.0

Everybody says his nose looks just like mine. No time to talk now, I’ve got to get back to the hospital.

Privateer: ASCII Sector 0.4

For more information about quests and how to make your own:

Quarker 0.02d

Huzzah! Another week, another incremental Quarker release.

MageGuild 0.7.2

Take on the role of a skilled and daring apprentice of the Nahelan Mage Guild. Delve through countless dark halls, gathering troves of hidden knowledge and gaining power; battle hordes of deadly enemies that will test the limits of your power and wit; and if you’re very lucky and very skilled, emerge into the light of day again, a full master in the Mage Guild. Play MageGuild.

A Journey To Hell (1KBRL)

I’m a game developer and also a roguelike fan, so it seemed like a fun challenge. I realize I am a bit late (unfortunately), but I think my game is still at least somewhat interesting.

About Time (1KBRL)

Since it took me forever to finish it I’m calling it About Time (and as justification, there is a time pausing item).

Legerdemain 1.0.0

When taken together, Legerdemain and its companion cluebook: Canticle of the Onslaught, comprise over 250,000 words of prose. Since perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away, you can rest assured that Legerdemain is about as imperfect as a three-legged donkey.

German NetHack-De 3.4.3

75% of the in-game text was translated.

Releases Wire XX

LambdaRogue 1.1

Sorry for posting updates so often, but this release fixes some serious bugs that may lead to crashes; one of them only on Windows.


– Added new Quine for purchase in the equipment shop.
– You can now access your Quine while viewing a computer terminal.
– Did a whole bunch of stuff related to the upcoming quest scripting.

Ironband 14Aug08

I now consider Ironband ‘complete’ – it is fully playable and a lot of fun. I have no further plans for changes any time soon, though I will still take bug reports, suggestions and feedback

Tombs of the Asciiroth 0.5.1

Tombs of the Asciiroth is a puzzle/RPG/roguelike game that you can either play in a web browser, or download as an application using the Adobe AIR runtime (available on Mac, Windows and Linux). The game is complete and playable, and there’s a map editor to create new scenarios

gTile 0.0.1

This is an alpha release of a graphical roguelike implemented in Javascript and DHTML. It will perform best in Firefox or Safari, but Internet Explorer (including version 6!) is also supported.

Lords of DarkHall 1.1.97

Thank you for the kind comments and for taking time out to try my hobby project. And thank you to those people who take the time to program their own roguelikes as well. I really enjoy playing these and seeing the creativity that other people have.

Releases Wire XIX

libjcsi 0.0.1

The Java Console System Interface library defines an abstract representation layer to which you can plug your roguelike projects’ user interface, and then choose from any of the implementations on start up, allowing your console game to be output in both a real console via JCurses or an emulated terminal via swing

MageGuild 0.7

Some highlights from 0.7:

-‘special’, semi-fixed rooms
-bosses and their associated fixed levels
-new item type
-fixed some mono compatibility issues
-assorted bugs and balance issues

FRogue (1st Attempt)

This is my first attempt at a rogue-like. It’s just basic rogue, not all the depth and features in nethack or angband variants or even Advanced Rogue, XRogue, UltraRogue, etc. I may try that later. I basically used this project as an opportunity to learn Flex, the (not-so) new tool from Adobe that creates a Flash file.

Cryptrover 1.1

Released about 3 months after the 1.0 version, it contains a couple of new features, bug fixes, balance tweaks & interface improvments. However, the game remains simple, and that is by design.

 – mageguild – FRogue – Cryptrover

Releases Wire XVIII

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.4.1

Main features:
* Greatly improved interface
* Greatly improved Tiles version
* Overhauled the good gods
* Added Vampire species
* Enabled all sensible species/class combinations
* Smarter monsters

Dwarf Fortress

I’m going to bed pretty soon, so if there are catastrophic problems, you’ll probably have to sit on them for many, many hours.

CyberRogue 0.0.6 r41

I’m still looking for a suitable name – I couldn’t think of one back when I tried making CPRL (and failed), and CR is really just a shortening of that. I can’t use ShadowRun… EdgeRunner? That’s something from CyberPunk 2020, also sounds like crashRun… All suggestions happily taken (my creative juices are a little dry right now).

Elona 1.1.3.

This is beta version but should be stable. Some of the names of your random artifacts may change.

Zaiband 3.0.9

Zaiband is an Angband variant. In particular, it is a roguelike — a game whose interface is (mostly) console-oriented, and for which graphics are strictly optional.

FAAngband 0.3.5

This is mainly a bugfix and minor feature version, and is intended to be the last of the 0.3.x series (but I’ve said that before).